Was Microsoft’s Bingathon a Success?

We turn to Twitter for the verdict.

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Last night Hulu ran the live telethon style infomercial for Bing called the "Bingathon".

So how did it perform?

Well, it appears nothing "official" has been released yet. So let’s see what some Twitter users (a co-host, industry professionals and everyday users) are saying about the Bingathon.

Did any of you watch the Bingathon? If so, what did you think about it? Tell us.

Olivia Munn, co-host of the live event with Jason Sudeikis, tweeted the following…

Olivia Munn Bingathon Tweet

Olivia Munn Bingathon Tweet

This shouldn’t come as any shock that Microsoft is claiming an early victory. Think about it, what is the real measurement for success here? What other live telethon launch of a search engine is there for comparison?

Some of the search industries biggest names threw in their two cents about the Bingathon via Twitter…

Danny Sullivan Bingathon Tweet

Matt Cuts Bingathon Tweet

Matt Cuts Bingathon Tweet

John Battelle Bingathon Tweet

So we’ve heard what a co-host had to say as well as people in the industry, but what does the everyday user have to say about the Bingathon?

Some Tweeters loathed the event

Twitter users hating on Bingathon

Twitter users hating on Bingathon

Twitter users hating on Bingathon

…while some Twitterers were just happy for the 24 hour commercial free Hulu, provided by Bing.

Happy Twitter user: commercial free Hulu

Scanning through my #Bingathon search on Twitter I did notice that the overall feeling of the Bingathon wasn’t very positive. With that said I was able to find a few Tweets of people who seemed to enjoy the event…

Twitter user liked the Bingathon

Twitter user liked the Bingathon

It’s really hard to say for sure if the Bingathon was a success, but it did manage to get people talking… even though the talk wasn’t 100% positive. So was this one of those "any press is good press" moments?

Was Microsoft’s Bingathon a Success?
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  • Vanessa

    I watched the Bingathon and totally hated it. I’m not even sure what was going on.

    What does giving kids puppies have to do with relevant search engine results.

    I give the whole thing a D-

    • Jeremy Muncy

      Your assessment of the event seems to be the general consensus.

      Gauging the reaction (by the Tweets)… most people didn’t like the Bingathon.

      Jeremy Muncy

  • franeesh

    i viewed only a few moments of the bingathon and what i saw i liked somewhat. that girl was very pretty.

  • rvb

    :: man this bing is fast and fresh, well i had enough of hulu in 30min funny marketing, but yes bing is my new homepage out of this surprise to me, i do want to check this out some more, i compelled myself!!

  • http://www.bing.com Bing Lover

    Why is everyone hating on Bing?

    I thought the bingathon was a success… how many people are talking about it today? Wasn’t that the point of the whole over-the-top telethon thingy?

    • Jeremy Muncy

      Valid point.

      Like I said in the article… this could be one of those “any press is good press” kind of deals. Get people talking about it… and maybe they’ll start using it.

      Jeremy Muncy

    • http://www.diamondonnet.com Diamonds

      I agree, the point was to spread the word to ordinary web users not to geeks like us.

  • Guest

    When I read Oliva Munn AND Fred Willard were going to do something together I became very excited. However, as much as I wanted to laugh, it just wasn’t happening. Too bad. Olivia Munn is still hot though.

  • http://www.intouchsol.com Chris Nelson


    Check out the comments section. Other than finding a hot host, looks like it didn’t go over so well.

    And, not having a video of the bing-a-thon posted on hulu after the event? What a waste… I went back to watch it myself and couldn’t find it.

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