War Machine in Vegas Court: "Not Guilty" of Christy Mack Beating

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War Machine — AKA Jon Koppenhaver — has entered a plea of “not guilty” in a Vegas court on charges related to the alleged beating of his ex-girlfriend Christy Mack and her friend Corey Thomas back in August. He faces 34 counts in the case.

Christy Mack was certainly beaten by someone, if not War Machine. She had a lacerated liver, broken eye socket, broken teeth, minor stab wounds to her scalp, and injuries to her leg. Corey Thomas had a broken nose and a dislocated shoulder.

War Machine has said that he showed up at Mack’s house in Las Vegas, planning to reconcile and ask her to marry him. He says he caught her in bed with another man and that this man attacked him. He says he was ambushed and forced to defend himself.

Mack and Thomas say that Koppenhaver flew into a jealous rage upon finding Thomas at Mack’s house and beat on him first. Mack says Thomas was “fully clothed” when War Machine arrived.

Mack has stated that War Machine punched and kicked her repeatedly, poked her with a knife, cut her hair off with that knife, forced her to shower, and threatened to rape her. She says that she escaped when Koppenhaver went to her kitchen to get a new knife because the handle of the one he was using broke.

War Machine was arraigned today, entered his plea, and has a trial date set for February 2015. That means that a grand jury saw enough evidence to warrant sending the case to trial. War Machine has said before that the charges against him are excessive, and that some were not even related to the August incident.

Earlier this week, as Christy Mack tearfully testified before the grand jury, War Machine was caught laughing by the judge.

Mack has been recovering from her injuries, donating money and support to causes for battered women and domestic abuse.

War Machine managed to get a tweet posted.It’s extended form reads, in part:

"When she testifies against me, helping the state to take away my LIFE, I curse her inwardly. When I see her cry, when I see the one I loved in pain...I fight my shackles in my mind, I fight everyone and everything barring me from comforting her with an embrace."

He talks about the night of the “incident”.

"I hate the black-and-white of it all, it leaves no room for the truth. One side lies to make their "truth" perfect and then the other side follows. When is ANYTHING ever so cut-and-dry? Truth is somewhere in the middle, always is. I came over 12 hours or so early, as a SURPRISE, so, since she was in bed with another man, "I did not have permission" to enter the house, but, had she been alone, then it'd have been a nice surprise, and me coming home early would have been ok? Why does THAT one lie have to be told, that one little lie? On the stand she admitted that she loved me and wanted to get married...but, I wasn't allowed to come over as I pleased? That makes no sense.”

Somewhere in all this, he still wants to hear an apology from Mack.

"I hate the court's involvement, I wish that we could talk as humans, I wish that I could give apologies where they're due. I wish that I could hear her apologize as well, I need it, we both need it.”

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