Wanna Chat With Googlebot?

    March 17, 2006

Googlebot loves surfing the web. He follows from link to link, discovering new pages along the way and adding them to Google’s index.

Turns out, he also likes chat rooms. Chris Boggs says at Webmasterworld that his live help system got a chat request from “Googlebot”. Worst of all, the guy wasn’t very talkative.

I just got a call (request for chat) from the Googlebot to my live help system (we use Timpani). This seems very interesting, because it indicates that the crawler was not only able to read the JavaScript but also execute the command to “call.”

Does this seem out of the ordinary to anyone?

I wonder if we will get “bonus points” for actually answering? By the way the Googlebot is a little rudedidn’t even respond to my greeting.

I think that’s pretty hilarious. Hey Googlebot, why don’t you say hi in the comments sometime?

(via SE Guide)

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