Wal-Mart Punks Online Music Store

    January 27, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Reasserting itself as a “no-market-out-of-reach” company, Wal-Mart launched an MTV-style online/in-store hybrid music service. Dubbed Wal-Mart Soundcheck, studio performances and interviews with musicians and bands will be viewable every week at store promotions and downloadable from the company’s website.

Interviews are free to download and selected performances will be $0.88 to download. But the four-to-six song performances will play for free at the website. In addition, the 30-40 minute shows will be displayed in store electronics departments.

Wal-Mart opened its new promotion with punk band Yellowcard and rock band Switchfoot on Tuesday. Both bands featured five-song sets that are also featured from recently released albums, indicating that the drive is to not only capitalize on the web-download market but also drive in-store album sales.

Engadget’s Ryan Block adds another take on the service. “But what’s interesting here is Wal-Mart’s becoming a content company,” he said.