Walmart Is About to Start Price-Matching Amazon at All Its Locations

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One of the only things consistently cheaper than Walmart is Amazon, and in order to make sure people are buying their holiday doo-dads and knick-knacks in-store instead of online, Walmart is about to start matching Amazon's prices. Everywhere.

Reuters reports that Walmart has told the managers of its roughly 5,000 stores nationwide that they are now allowed to fully match prices with Amazon and "other online retailers".

Walmart has already been doing this, on a smaller scale.

"About half of the stores were doing it anyway," Walmart President and CEO Greg Foran said on an earnings call.

Reports that this might happen began to surface a couple weeks ago. Walmart has already altered prices in its online store to better match those of retailers like Amazon.

But Walmart wants people to buy stuff inside its walls. Price-matching a company like Amazon might not always net Walmart a financial gain – but it does do something to combat the problem of showrooming. If people can get the same price inside a Walmart that they can get via Amazon, they may just take the instant gratification of being able to carry it out of the store, instead of waiting a few days for it to come in the mail.

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