Walmart Glitch Meant Temporary Great Deals For Lucky Shoppers

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The superpower that is Wal-Mart is famous because of its incredibly low prices, but even the most loyal of wally world's customers must have been shocked when they saw the unbelievable deals that occurred on the store's website early this morning, which priced electronics and other goods, usually worth up to $600, for under $9. And unbelievable, it was; the store suffered from an internal technical error that made their crazy-low prices even crazier and lower.

Customers and other curious folks speculated about the strange prices on social media, spreading the word and wondering if the extreme price drops were the result of hacking, perhaps by some rebellious deal-hunters or extreme couponers gone berserk. Some products in the store's website sold out in hours. Wal-mart, quick on the heels of shutting down the mistake, issued the following statement, "We experienced a technical error that caused some items to show incorrect pricing. We are working quickly to correct the error and during this time, there may be intermittent site availability. We apologize for any inconvenience to our customers." A Wal-Mart spokesman was quick to add, "I want to make very clear this is not a hack. This is an internal technical error."

Some of the outrageous, accidental deals that occurred included treadmills that typically ran (no pun intended) for hundreds of dollars being priced at $33, and expensive computer monitors, also usually sold for hundreds of dollars, being plucked up by quick online shoppers for just $9. Other electronic goodies priced around the $9 mark included cables, projectors, and LCD screens.

Wal-Mart has not made any statements, yet, on whether or not it will honor the deals nabbed during this strange, accidental price drop. The company is currently combing through the products listed on its website, looking for any further mispriced deals and, presumably, in search of whatever glitch happened to cause the price drops in the first place. Certain parts of the website as also down for the time being. Here's to hoping that some lucky folks may just get to keep their fancy computer screens for $9. What a deal!

[Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.]