Walmart Drops Paula Deen: Embattled Chef Loses Another Brand

    June 27, 2013
    Shaylin Clark
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Embattled TV chef Paula Deen has lost yet another corporate deal in the wake of revelations regarding her use of racial slurs. The retail giant announced today that it would not be ordering any more of Deen’s branded merchandise beyond orders that have already been placed. Once the merchandise that Walmart has already committed to is sold, they will not be ordering more.

This announcement follows closely on the heels of announcements by numerous other companies who are practically stampeding away from Deen in the last few days. Food Network announced that it was dropping her show and severing all ties with Deen, while Target has made an announcement similar to Walmart’s. Earlier today, we reported that diabetes drug maker Novo Nordisk had “suspended” its partnership with Deen. Earlier this week Smithfield Foods announced they were dropping her as well.

Deen’s career tailspin started late last week when a discrimination lawsuit was filed against her by a former employee. The suit was brought by Lisa Jackson, a former employee at Paula’s Oyster House in Georgia. Jackson alleged that Deen and her brother Bubba had repeatedly used racial slurs in the Jackson’s presence and had behaved in a discriminatory fashion.

While the suit in itself might not have been terrible for Deen’s career, the deposition she gave has proven to be the major problem. When asked during the deposition whether she had ever used the N-word, Deen (who was born in Georgia in 1947), replied “Of course.” She went on to clarify that the one instance she remembered was in relation to the robbery of a bank where she worked as a teller in the 1980s, and deny that she had ever used the word with any regularity.

After companies started cutting ties with Deen she made an appearance on The Today Show, where she discussed the situation with Matt Lauer. Unfortunately for Deen many – including, apparently, some of her sponsors and retail partners – felt that her performance on the show was not sufficient to undo the damage to her brand.

  • http://yahoo.com Flyingfish

    I don’t understand the persecution of Mrs. Dean, and I think persecution is the right word. “they” whoever they are have been going after her since she was diagnosed with diabetes. She eats a hamburger and they are all over her for it. Now she admits to the utterance of a common description used in the South, 30 years ago, reference Senator Robert Byrd and some of his comments, and she looses all of her sponsors and support. Bottom line, I guess she should have lied instead of admitting to her humanity. She’s a cook for goodness sake. A cook who was featured for he Southern style and then hung because she cooked in a Southern style.

    • Heather

      Amen! Paula and her sons have been a blessing to Savannah and many others in the USA. We have all hurt people in our sinful ways and by our bitter tongues. I know them socially and they are far from the racist family the media would like to present to the world. God Bless the Deen’s and our country that is going to hell quickly.

      • phyllis

        Heather bless your heart for caring. I feel like she will have a broken heart over this…..I feel same way as you.

    • phyllis

      FlyingFish I feel the same way!! They are all hippocrites and jealous!! I hope she recovers from all this crap that has been thrown at her. These companies like KMart, Sears and others will never get any business from me ever!!!

  • phyllis

    I did love our Wal-Mart but NOT NOW!! I use to spend over $400 there every month. Now I will go to Krogers. Shame on Wal-Mart. Paula Deen you are a kind person and I feel so sorry this has happened to you. God Bless you.

  • phyllis

    All of you $%^& critics have you ever made a spoken mistake???? Are you pure of heart? I doubt it! For Paula Deen here’s a big ole’ hug for you. Much love to you I know you will be strong.

  • kenneth

    The thing is she always was racist she still is .She is coming out because there pulling the plug out .thank you Paula deen for coming out letting the U.S.A no that we have not grown a little in the cook books is a good fire starter

    • jrichardson

      all of us who were born back in the days of racial fights and whatever, were raised that way.A lot of folks have used the word not understanding it was not to be used when we were children.
      That is not our fault. As we grew up we understood better not to use it. But we whites have been called a few words too. What about us. Can we cause heartache like you all are causing for Paula Deen. Maybe Jesus will come and everyone will quit judging others when they are judged by Jesus Christ. It is all
      about money to you all.

  • j

    Walmart, Sears and Smithfield will lose busines from me also….. Thumbs down.

  • http://WebProNews.com Frances

    Paula Deen is just one of many but, she got caught. America this should be a wakeup call .We are all human being eventhough other ethnic groups stereotype our race. Afterall,our ancestors were brought to the United States without our control. However, our ancestors helped to build this country. We all originated from some other regions but our pigmentation is darker we are not the only race take a look at the people from India, Hawaiian, Iraq , Jews just to name a few. “In God we Trust “which is on our currency should practice this quote.

  • Mary Stanley

    It is amazing to me how people think they know Paula Deen because they watch her on TV. I have my own list of regrets and am proud that there are people like Paula who actually believe in telling the truth when under oath. I wish there was a lie detector that was 100% reliable because I bet she would have passed long before her critics who have no idea wht kind of person she truly is. It’s a shame the lie detector can’t be used on Lisa T. Jackson or her greedy attorneys.

  • BChesney

    In the United States, there have been several controversies concerning the word “niggardly,” an adjective meaning “stingy” or “miserly,” due to its phonetic similarity to the racial slur “nigger.” Etymologically the two words are unrelated.
    “Niggardly” (noun: “niggard”) is an adjective meaning “stingy” or “miserly”, perhaps related to the Old Norse verb nigla = “to fuss about small matters”.[1] It is cognate with “niggling”, meaning “petty” or “unimportant”, as in “the niggling details”.

    “Nigger”, which has become a racist insult in American culture, derives from the Spanish/Portuguese word negro, meaning “black”, and the French word nègre. Both negro and noir (and therefore also nègre and nigger) ultimately come from nigrum, the accusative singular masculine & neuter case of the Latin masculine adjective niger, meaning “black” or “dark.”
    In other words it is absolutely absurd that one comment made 30 years ago should cause such a horrible outcome to one person. Especially considering as a “celebrity” she has not killed, gotten drunk and crashed any cars, been in and out of rehab on the cover of a all the “latest smut rags” in the check out lines. And yet they presume to persecute her.