Walla Launches Free 1 Gig Email Service

    July 8, 2004

Following up to a story that appeared on WPN in April, Walla! Communications has launched their new free email service, Walla!Mail, featuring 1 gigabyte of storage. This makes WallaMail the second fully operational email service that offers such a capacity, with Spymac being the first.

Gmail doesn’t figure into the equation, being that it is still in the beta/invite only stage. However, Google and Gmail are responsible for starting the increased email storage trend.

Walla!Mail will include numerous features in an effort to attract members. The service seems to be offering the largest attachment capacity when compared to their competitors. Members who are mailing to other members within Walla!Mail’s service can attach files that are up to 30MBs in size. Mailings to people under alternate services allow for a 10MB attachment.

Ilan Israeli, CEO at Walla! Communications said, “We have built Walla!Mail to be the only e-mail service anyone ever needs. We moved beyond the generous 1 gigabyte storage opportunity by improving virtually every function, and by introducing new features that redefine what can be expected from leading services in this category.”

While Walla!Mail’s email accounts are free, mailings will have contextual advertisements appearing with them. However, for $14.99 a year, members have the option of an ad free service.

Another interesting feature offered by Walla!Mail is the ability to allow communications in all major languages for both incoming and outgoing mail. Erez Philosoph, Deputy CEO of Walla! Communications and the technical mastermind behind Walla!Mail emphasized, “By allowing users to correspond in any language, we have made Walla!Mail a truly global experience.”

Correction: According to an email I received from Walla publicist “Walla!Mail ONLY selects what ads to display to users by the information they voluntarily provide during registration of a new account (demographic and geographic information).” They will not be using contextual ads.

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