Walla Communications Plans 1 Gig Email

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The Gmail repercussions are being felt throughout the web industry. The controversy caused by Gmail placing ads in emails, the allowance of large attachments, and of course, the 1 gigabyte of storage have all been discussed in great detail.

Gmail’s beta launch has also caused companies to attempt what Google is offering in Gmail’s storage capacity. As reported here, Spymac, a Mac-based web hosting company has already stated they would be offering email accounts with the same amount of storage for no charge.

Thanks to p2pnet.net, word is now going around of an Israeli portal called Walla getting set to offer email accounts with 1 gig worth of storage. As reported in the GlobeOnline, and Israeli online news site, Walla’s email service will be “free of charge, will include anti-spam and anti-virus services, with no obligation.”

In addition to the storage capacity, Walla is also offering the delivery of emails that are up to 30MBs in size. One thing Walla claims is that they will be the first OPERATIONAL email service that offers large storage. They say it will be operational in two months.

Now this goal may indeed beat Google’s official launch of Gmail (no known public date), but the truth of the matter is that Spymac has beaten BOTH Internet companies. Spymac’s email service is already operational.

A quote from Spymac reinforces this: “Perhaps the best kept secret on the Internet, each Spymac membership includes an e-mail account that can be accessed externally via POP3 or with Spymac Mail’s web interface. Each account includes a generous 1000 MB of storage space. Spymac Mail sends and receives millions of e-mail messages every year.”

Furthermore, Spymac is NOT in a beta stage. Their service is already fully operational.

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Walla Communications Plans 1 Gig Email
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  • rico rossi

    I am having the same problem with the walla account.I am so sick of this email service that i just want to delete my account and don’t know how. Everything is in a foreign language. There is nothing to tell you how to delete this messed up account.I can’t even get in touch with walla support.My email keeps coming back.

    • Patrick

      I’m having the same troubles and i’m very frustrated. I am no longer able to even access the page. I need to check my mail becuase it is all sent to that account. They need to give us a notice or something.

    • xyz


  • keneth helmersson

    when i open your website (walla.com) to read my mail, i can not understand what is in your ads.
    I live in sweden and read english and swedish. But i can not understand the grafic texture in the website.
    Seems to be a language that i can t understand.

    • http://www.dr-dilligaf.org Antagor

      I guess, since this company is an Israeli company the language on the site is in Hebrew.

      Why did you sign up in the first place?

      • Michael

        It was not always in Hebrew
        for a while the language was in english

        I am still able to logon and send and get e-mails

        when i signed up a while back
        it was in english

        • bekir

          yes, at first it was all in english.. but now?! i cant understand.. so please can anyone say to me how can i delete this account.. so that no one can send me emails to their.. need help pls..

      • C

        Yes I agree Shalom… I want to meet Israeli Jews


        My email adress is chiavi_delmycuore@yahoo.com





      • Guest

        This was originaly in english and owned by an american company.

        It should be in both languages.

        Now you cannot read, nor can you contact tech support.

        Only reason I keep it is due the fact too many business contacts have this email.

        How do you contact tech support?




  • Guest

    I am just wondering also what happened to the email accounts at walla.  I had several accounts that had "tubes" that I used for my Paint Shop Pro art program.

  • putra

    kindly log in through www.walla.com, it will be in english version.

  • Guest

    Please help me find contact person to definitely close my walla mail, because my address and passwords and personal datas was stolen, and in mail box there are hundreds of junk mails in a few days.
    Thanks in advance

  • Kim

    i speak hebrew if someone need help

  • andrius

    Please if anybody know how to terminate Walla acount write me to andriuspt@yahoo.com
    I am tired of this shit! Thank you

  • Guest

    Use google translate and that will help you translate the site so you can find your way around it

  • Guest

    i have the same problem .. i am so sick of stupid walla

  • Maria

    To change language to English first login

    ???????? means More and it is second link from username toward left.
    On third dropdownmenu you can chose between two languages, english and hebrew, so if you have hebrew just chose other one and you are in english

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