Wall: Cutts “Blindlingly Hypocritical” About Google

    November 14, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Not much love in the SEO blogosphere today, as Aaron Wall slams the most accessible member of the Googleplex over Google’s alleged treatment of SEO as spam.

Wall: Cutts 'Blindlingly Hypocritical' About Google
Wall: Cutts “Blindlingly Hypocritical” About Google

Considering Matt Cutts and his enormous popularity at search industry conventions, to the point where his swarm of followers have been dubbed “Cuttlets,” it’s surprising to see him being trashed by another prominent person in the field.

Aaron Wall
Wall has tapped out a lengthy post at Google Blogoscoped, where he discussed the state of the US search optimization market. But after admitting he “was a spammer out of necessity” when starting in SEO, Wall then lambasted Google for what he sees as the search engine treating all SEO that way.

“If you read Google