Walking Around Web 2.0 With Itzle

    May 8, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

An interesting take on Web 2.0, Itzle is weird, but creative. What’s an itzle? It’s a bookmarklet that puts users physically inside websites and allows them to chat with others itzling the same page.

Okay, so maybe it doesn’t convert your molecular structure to HTML, but a goofy looking Fisher Price/Sims -esque avatar of you walks around the screen with others exploring the same site. The avatar is customizable and is a gateway to an instant conversation with others.

Clicking on the bookmarklet while browsing allows the avatar to walk on screen and brings up the “itzle bar” at the bottom for real-time chatting. At present Itzle is being explored by 500 beta testers (no slots are left). It has an instant message function, walking sounds for your “little buddy,” friends lists, channels, and recommendations.

The creators call it “group surfing.”

From the website:

itzle lets you see where your friends are browsing, and lets you invite them to wherever you are browsing. it’s perfect for group surfing. you can even create private channels just for you and your friends or add websites to your friends’ Recommended lists for them to check out later.

One blogger mentions that the tool, with the possible drawback of being a novelty, could be useful for chatting with visitors to his blog. Keeping the toolbar active on your site or blog would allow you to see who’s visiting in real time and chat them up.

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