Wal-Mart Brings Customer Reviews Online

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Wal-Mart today said it is adding customer reviews and ratings on its Web site.

The new feature will allow customers to submit ratings and reviews of merchandise available online only as well as products sold in stores.

"Reviews and ratings is the No. 1 customer-requested feature online at Walmart.com, and we’re pleased to offer this service to better help our community of customers shop smart and make informed decisions about the products they purchase both in our Wal-Mart stores and online," said Cathy Halligan, Walmart.com’s chief marketing officer.

Wal-Mart had a test of customer reviews and ratings in June to receive customer feedback and gauge overall results. Customer reviews more than doubled the company’s expectations during the test phase and they received the most reviews in the categories of electronics, home and garden, media and baby.

"We know close to 75 percent of Wal-Mart’s 130 million customers are online which presents a significant opportunity for our online reviews and ratings platform to connect our customers to one another, and also help them further engage, communicate, share opinions, and learn more about products available at Wal-Mart," added Halligan. "It’s all part of our continued commitment to be the premier multi-channel retailer."

Wal-Mart says that customers can submit a review by viewing a product online or by email invitation sent a few weeks after they have placed and received an order. The product reviews are published within five days of submission.



Wal-Mart Brings Customer Reviews Online
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  • http://www.BizPhizz.com Chad Currin

    Consumer Driven customer reviews of Wal-Mart and other s doing business online is an important and underserved need online to help our global marketplace best serve consumers. I recently founded www.BizPhizz.com where everyone can post reviews or set-up a place for their customers to review them. These are unbiased and not filtered (except for language) by the company so you get the whole range of honest consumer reviews and ratings. The site is completely free for both businesses and consumers. I also started www.VoiceYourComplaint.org for those that need a place to vent their frustrations for the world to read.

    • Dave

      There are lots of consumer review sites on the internet. For example Ciao, Review Centre and Dooyoo – These sites have been around for years and have masses of consumer reviews with good review content. They also work in very different ways. Both Ciao and Dooyoo have large communities and give incentives for the reviews by paying the members to write, great for getting in the reviews but what do they write about after they have reviewed everything they own?
      Review Centre is the other large consumer review site, this has a mixture of small and large reviews as you can write as much or as little as you want. There is no incentive to write other than you want to express your opinions.

    • http://www.webpronews.com sue morgan

      unfortunately, in asheboro,nc lots of jobs were lost in recent years. employment was hard to come by and that only left wal mart. i have never work for such a heartless,unfair,selfish,and greedy company. i agree- they are very evil, but they will fall one day. remember, you reap what you sow. today it’s not bad enough it takes what low wages they pay you to do the jobs of 3 people-now they are firing the hard full-time workers that make a little higher wage so they can bring in part-time people that won’t get benefits or vacation. they do not appreciate their employees at all. i believe sam walton had good intentions when he started the company, but i bet he would be very disappointed in what his children have done to it. i’m sure he’s turned over in his grave multiple times.

  • Guest

    I think these stores are treating us like we are in a communist
    country ESPECIALLY wal-mart. I hate that low-life dirty store. That
    corporation is EVIL, pure EVIL and i would not be surprised if we find
    out that the anti-christ is the top dog of the wal-mart corporation.
    That store is relentless and ruthless. They treat EVERY customer as
    if they are a prisoner or serial shoplifter. You CANNOT go into their
    electronics department without someone following you EVERYWHERE around
    the store from there on out. It’s so ridiculous!!! I dont even shop
    with a purse and they still followed me after i left electronics with
    a $5.00 movie. They are insatiable and EVIL. They are the absolute
    RICHEST corporation in the world and yet they act as if everyone that
    enters their dirty low life stores as if they are going to steal
    everything off the shelves. They act as if their items are gold and
    diamonds…oh please give me a break, they sell nothing but JUNK,
    cheap, plastic JUNK. I have not been in a wal-mart in over a year
    and let me tell you, now i enjoy shopping. At least when i go into
    Target or K-mart i can return something without being harassed and
    practically jumped at the door if i “god forbid” forget to get a
    ticket on every single plastic piece of JUNK in my bag, I can go
    into Target an K-mart peacefully and still feel like im an American
    citizen shopping in America, whereas wal-mart is like being spied on
    and watched everywhere you go and then checked and rechecked upon
    entering and exiting. OH boy wal-mart, I hope America wakes up and
    dumps this EVIL, anti-christ run corporation. Believe me, when you
    stop going to this store, you will see how we do NOT need
    they are also trying to run the world making it a “wal-mart’ world
    they have already and continue to sneakily and strategically place
    themselves in places where they can take over the area an put the
    little guys out of business
    they are trying to take over the grocery store side by not only
    incorporating grocery departments into ALL of their stores now but
    also going crazy building those ridiculous wal-mart neighborhood
    markets thinking and trying to put out the grocery chains like fry’s
    and albertsons and bashas’ hey wal-mart get a clue, people love going
    to their regular grocery stores and getting sales and great deals
    then they tried to take over the fuel industry putting up
    gas-stations at all stores and offering lower gas prices if you use
    of course their gift cards
    then they are trying to take over the banking world by building banks
    of wal-mart (not sure what they are doing with this yet but i do know
    they are trying to)
    now they are trying to take over the cell phone industry by coming up
    with their own cell phone company by wal-mart and sneakily undermining
    all the cell phone companies by offering just slightly below them
    now just recently they are putting on all these commericials on just
    about every channel of television, one of them trying to take over
    and brainwash people to buy all their pet food and supplies from them
    stating that we dont need to go to the pet stores we can buy all that
    stuff for cheaper at wal-mart, EVIL BASTARDS trying to put out the
    pet stores and brainwashing everyone to get all their pet supplies
    there, get real wal-mart what are you going to do next, allow us to
    bring our pets to your underefficiant pet isle.
    this company over the years has brainwashed EVERYONE to believe that
    they sell everything for less, and when they first opened wal-marts,
    they pretty much did, but if you were to go and take notes, as i
    have, you will see that TARGET actually has alot of the same food
    items for LESS quite a bit less and FRY’S and ALBERTSONS is less as
    well. Those sneaky BASTARDS decided they have America right where
    they want them (living in a wal-mart world) and so now they have
    raised their prices and believe it or not have become significantly
    higher than other stores. For instance, I use to buy my 20lb bag of
    birdseed from wal-mart and it was always $5.97 a bag, then all of a
    sudden they went up to $8.97 for the same bag (i kid you not) check
    yourself if you do not believe me, i complained to the manager and
    asked for an explaination (to now avail) I stopped feeding the birds
    :-( because it was just too much and me back then like everyone else
    was brainwashed into believing that wal-mart had the lowest prices of
    any and every store never even checked any other store, then just
    about a week ago I was shopping at Albertsons grocery store and I
    happen to be down the bird seed isle and low and behold, i found a
    20lb bag of birdseed for $5.99 regular priced, no sale!! Like I said,
    becoming anti-wal-mart has been the best thing I have ever done! That
    company is nothing but EVIL and BRAINWASHING people and I really hope
    we all wake up, because i honestly believe that shopping their is like
    shopping at the DEVILS home and supporting the ant-christ…just think
    about it, really think about it and this corporation and do the
    research, thats all i have to say…without wal-mart this country can
    go back to becoming more civil and good the way it use to be before
    this store came about…we cant stand wal-marts evil ways and the way
    they treat people, and the rules that this evil corporation made up,
    does anyone even realize this company makes up “THEIR” own rules
    oh one more thing if fogot to mention:
    does anyone remember or know about what they did to that poor woman
    who worked for wal-mart and had that accident that left her a near
    vegetable, well her medical bills were close to a million dollars and
    she had medical through wal-mart, those greedy evil bastards in the
    wal-mart corporation (i even hate that word wal-mart) well they were
    just burning up about their insurance paying the medical bill that
    they tried to find some sneaky way to get that back, as if this poor
    woman wasnt suffering enough, basically losing here life, she was a
    vegetable for god damned sake and they went ahead took her to court
    sueing her for MORE, yes MORE than her insurance payed, they wanted
    all the money back from the insurance plus like an additional
    $250,000.00 talk about evil, you tell me this isnt pure EVIL it was
    on the news and the news caster was so upset about this too he put
    down the wal-mart corporation right there on television while giving
    the news, you can watch the news broadcast of this on youtube and you
    can look it up…its despicable, if this isnt enough for people to can
    that evil store i dont know what is, perhaps the fact that they get
    their customers to donate money for something and then they send OUR
    money that we donated at their store in THEIR name, those stingy
    BASTARDS multi billion dollard richest company in the world wont even
    give money, they give OUR money in THEIR name and credibility!!!!!!!!!
    anyone that is still too brainwashed to believe anything that i have
    said here today, research it, do the research and then lets see what
    you have to say, come on America, we are bigger than this anti-christ, greedy, evil company, lets get them out, lets get rid of them and make the world a better place!!!!!

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