Waiting to exhale at Yahoo

    January 29, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

Once the markets close, Yahoo will report on its Q4 and full year earnings. Jerry Yang’s chat will probably include news of whatever layoffs may be scheduled.

Will it be a few hundred positions cut? A couple thousand?

Speculation has run rampant over the past few weeks, largely fueled by rumors at Silicon Alley Insider. Their consensus: 1,000 layoffs.

Those unfortunates who may be culled from Yahoo’s middle management have some resources online to help them cope with their fate. Robert Scoble urged people to network and keep working at job hunting. He suggested hitting up companies, like WordPress owner Automattic, with resumes when they disclose they’ve just received new funding (they can afford to hire new people.)

TheStreet.com looked at the hardcore economic side with their list of suggestions about surviving a layoff. Emergency cash is a must, as is paying down debt. If Congress goes ahead and approves the Bush stimulus package, resulting in tax rebates coming home, use that to knock out some debt, or to expand the emergency fund.