VON Asks Bill Gates What’s On His TV

    September 11, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Think you’d like to watch TV at Bill Gates’ house? No, you wouldn’t, according to Shari Barnett, Director of Media Services, Microsoft TV – unless you consider physics fun. During a morning session at VON, Barnett revealed Gates’ TV habits.

iEntry Inc. CEO Rich Ord relays that Barnett sent an email to Gates asking what he likes to watch on TV.

His answers: old Richard Feynman lectures and Dora the Explorer (with his daughter). “I will never miss a good golf tournament,” said Gates.

One day soon he may decide to spice things up a bit by switching out his regular iced tea with raspberry iced tea. Easy there, Wild Bill!

Barnett continued her portion of the “Rethinking TV: IPTV and the Personalization of Content” presentation exploring the future of Internet video.

“Everyone will have to adjust to new business models in delivering content,” she said. “With Internet video you will need someday to be able to relate advertising to sales.

Brent Simon, Product Manager for On-Demand Applications at Verizon added, “As long as the ads are relevant, [customers] will respond. Television is a totally different animal.

“I tend to think as we move further into the TV model, the advertising model will be changing. There will be [fewer] ads but they will be relevant with web video.”

Stay tuned for continuous coverage of the VON Conference in Boston.

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