Vomiting Virus Outbreak: School Food To Blame

    October 2, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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More than 8,400 children in Germany are suffering from a virus which causes severe nausea and vomiting, and officials say they think the common denominator is one type of food which was served at several different schools and daycare centers.

The number of affected children took a sudden jump from about 4,000 over the weekend, according to the Christian Post.

“Officials in Berlin, as well as the nearby eastern German states reported the further outbreak on Saturday. They announced that a huge number of new gastroenteritis cases had been reported to them, and that the cause was still being investigated.”

Of course, isolating the offending bacteria could be a hard job, and investigators say they are advising all well children to bring home-packed lunches until the mystery is solved.

The majority of cases have resolved themselves in a couple of days, and officials haven’t seen many hospitalizations as a direct result of the tainted food.

  • Aaron

    So its a “Virus Outbreak” but they are trying to isolate the specific bacteria? Interesting choice

    • Jessica

      Glad someone besides me noticed that.

    • Shane

      LOL i was thinking the same.

  • http://www.viewcrafters.com Mark Ziegler

    Sometimes it has taken a number of weeks to trace all the way back to the source. They probally have a good idea though.



    4 weeks ago, my 9year old daughter complained of stomach upset, she vomited untill she lost consciousness, just last week my 35 year old brother was eating in a resturant felt like vomiting went out to throw up infact vomited and also lost consciousness. I think ITS REALLY SERIOUS AND SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED, BEFORE IT WILL LEAD TO LOST OF LIVES. NIGERIA.

  • John

    From January 2011 to June 2011, I threw up at least 300 times in those 180 days. I did notices on my medical record that the first word in my illness did say gastro, but I could not read the rest of it. Perhaps this was it.

    • Dr. Oz

      you’re retarded

      source: im a doctor

      • Kendall

        Is molasses honestly a cure? Or activated Charcoal?
        Personally I use Phengran, as do my kids.

      • NOT A DOCTOR


  • cheryl

    try taking between 1 teaspoon (for children) up to a tablespoon of molasses for vomiting. We had a bacteria last year that made us throw up and found the molasses worked quite nicely.

    • Jessica

      I noticed that too.

  • RN

    This is VERY poorly written…Virus outbreak, then says it may be hard to find the bacteria??

  • Pami

    I think with that many persons becoming sick, you should check WATER sources, If something is in the water system such as are they washing their hands in something coming out of the fauceets there and or at home.. there are three kinds of bacteria that are food poisoning their health dept should be able to say what the Bacteria was. The food services should dispose of all the food and clean up the serving areas , that should sanitize it.. but 8000 is alot of people mainly NOT eating the same.. a common factor is WATER Usage .. and they should check the water.

  • http://yahoo twila

    As a school kitchen manager, this is my worst nightmare. We can be extra cautious in the kitchen, but if the food comes in contaminated, what can we do?

    • Mr. Mishigas

      There are SO many ways that bad/tainted/spoiled food can arrive at a cafeteria receiving dock. Schools cannot blindly trust their food suppliers—they need to perform some receiving inspection quality assurance processes. Every school cafeteria should be testing incoming food BEFORE it ever gets near the serving area. The USFDA can provide the schools with guidance. It isn’t difficult—even a caveman can do it.

  • http://yahoo mike

    I hate it when my virus vomits!

  • cricket

    i would cancell all incomming flights from germany RIGHT NOW. if they dont know what this is…then they need to contain it. it could be something else then food esp sense the article clearly states virus on one hand then bacteria..whats going on??? wouldnt you expect the news to have some sort of correct information, makes me think…maybe there isnt any!!! take cover..this could be it!!

  • Mr. Mishigas

    Omigod! It’s the reality version of Resident Evil! Instead of zombies, it’s the barfies!

    • t


  • KJ

    In Feb 2012, I got sick and vomited for almost 2 months straight. They NEVER found the cause. My dr thought I was crazy, and put me on tranquilizer to calm me down. I finally stopped vomiting early April, now I only eat meals I COOK myself. (FYI, I went for every single test in two hospitals, and no one could pin point it.) We are all being poisoned, one meal at a time.

  • http://vomitingvirusoutbreak ladyd904

    Have any of you heard about the “contrails/chemtrails” that look so weird and just stay in the sky for long periods of time? some look like pearls on a rope, or donuts on a string etc. I have read many articles that “we know they are spraying something,but what”, and more importantly, WHY? Birds falling out of the sky dead, hundreds of them all over the place. Tons of dead fish floating on the ocean and lakes to name a couple of other “weird” things happening. Sounds like it could be we are all being poisoned from something and I personally don’t think it is an accident. I think it could be “population control” of some sort. Look up “Georgia guidestones” and also, “Bilderburg group” to name just two that have piqued my interest. I have just been made aware of a similar vomiting/stomach illness in my hometown of Redding,California. Oh, and BTW, please don’t get a flu shot, especially the nasal thing. Check it out and also look up the word “squalene”. Oh, and then, there is Plum island off the east coast. check it out too. Have you noticed the sky dosen’t even look blue anymore??? it’s a strange shade of grey/blue. I will follow this virus/bacteria thing. which is it??? sheesh! Good luck and take care. God Bless us All.

    • Brian Ludwig

      There is no such thing as chemical trails, it is nothing more than a hoax.

  • http://Yahoo John P.K.

    Cook it to at least 160 f (check with a good Therm) In more than one spot. Use clean flat ware after washing your hands. Keep it simple