Volkswagen's Super Bowl Ad: Dogs Bark The Imperial March, Look To Out-Viral Little Vader

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Volkswagen is trying to use the never-ending popularity of both dogs and Star Wars to strike viral gold again, as they have released the teaser trailer for their upcoming Super Bowl advert.

Check out a preview of "The Bark Side," set to run during the big game between the 49ers and the Steelers. Oh, wait, the Steelers are out of it? I almost forgot about them losing to the Denver Tebows - my mistake. Carry on:

Dogs, the Imperial March and an AT-AT cameo? What's not to love? The video is well on its way to becoming a viral mega-hit with nearly 500K views as of the writing of this article.

Of course, the legendary viral smash that this video looks to match is last year's "The Force" ad. You remember that adorable little kid in the Vader costume, right? To refresh your memory:

"The Bark Side" has a long way to go to match "The Force," which has over 48.6 million views on YouTube. It might not be as good as this rejected Doritos ad, but I'd say it has a chance, what do you think?

Josh Wolford
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