Volkswagen Passat, Beetle Go Fuel-Efficient


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Volkswagen this week announced its 2015 car model lineup. The company is continuing to iterate past models while introducing what could very well be the future of the company.

Some of the most popular Volkswagen models will remain largely the same.

Certain models of the Volkswagen Passat (the S and Wolfsburg Editions) are getting a new "Technology Package" option that includes a rearview camera, a higher-end sound system, and built-in SiriusXM (only for the S models). More importantly, the diesel version of the Passat is getting a cleaner 2-liter, four-cylinder EA288 TDI "Clean Diesel" engine. Volkswagen claims that the manual drive version of the Passat with this TDI engine will be able to travel 814 highway miles before needing a fill-up.

The inexplicably popular Volkswagen Beetle is also getting the same Clean Diesel engine, as are Volkswagen's Golf and Jetta models. Volkswagen will also offer a limited-edition "Beetle Classic" that includes plenty of leather and 17-inch aluminum wheels that come in either white or black.

Volkswagen's Golf compact car is getting a 5.8-inch console touchscreen in its standard model. The Golf GTI is getting a new 210 horsepower engine and a $700 price cut, while the new Golf R model will feature a 292 horsepower engine.

Along with those changes comes an all-new version of the Golf for the U.S. market. The e-Golf will be Volkswagen's first fully-electric vehicle offered in the U.S. The car will have an estimated range of 70 to 90 miles of "everyday driving" between charges. Charges should be fast, though, as Volkswagen has included a "Fast Charging" capability for the vehicle, which will supposedly allow it to charge 80% of its battery power in around half an hour. These stats are nearly identical to the popular Nissan Leaf, though Volkswagen claims the e-Golf has "more standard torque and more versatility" than comparable electric vehicles.

Volkswagen expects the e-Golf to be available in the U.S. sometime in November.

Other Volkswagen models have gotten minor upgrades as well.

The Eos, which will be discontinued after 2015, is getting some new trim options, including a "Final Edition" trim that replaces the "Sport" trim of previous years.

The new Golf SportWagen will be replacing Volkswagen's Jetta SportWagen and the manufacturer's new Jetta features a slightly altered exterior design.

Image via Volkswagen