Vivisimo Ranked Second Most Popular Search Engine

    June 4, 2004

In a study done by, who polled a focus group of 181 men and women between the ages of 20 and 64, found that metasearch engine Vivisimo tied with Yahoo for the second place in popularity with a score of 4.6 out of 5.

Vivisimo employees a clustered approach to its search results. Clustering organizes the results into meaningful groups providing users a quick overview of the main ideas buried in the results. For example, with Clustering, if you search for the keywords “German shepherds”, Vivisimo will also offer you results organized by “breeds”, “training”, “breeders”, “rescue”, and “clubs”.

“Vivisimo is an excellent alternative to Google. It is fast, clean, and relevant, and it offers guiding search suggestions in the form of ‘Clustered Results’,” said Paul Gil, Guide and long time Internet veteran. “It offers all the functionality and speed of Google, with ‘Clustering’ added. Once the users discovered Vivisimo, it quickly became a favorite.”

Not only has Vivisimo gained the second position in About’s poll, Vivisimo has also been selected twice as the “Best MetaSearch Engine” by Search Engine Watch.

Saman Haqqi, Director of Marketing at Vivisimo stated, “We are pleased with the growing recognition for Vivisimo’s Clustering. As the size of the Web indices continues to grow, Web searchers need to have this huge amount of data organized meaningfully. At Vivisimo, it is our mission to help people handle large amounts of data by presenting them with organized information.”

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