Vista Ready For Tablet PCs

    September 5, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Microsoft has announced pricing and features for the Windows Vista operating system, including which versions will be suitable for Tablet PC users.

Tablet PCs may be ready to grow beyond some very narrow vertical niches. Industry-wise, they have been popular with healthcare and financial computer users. Tablet PCs can also be found in places like an auto dealership garage, where service managers use them to compose service orders for customers.

The long-delayed Vista may follow along to those places too. Microsoft’s statement about the broadening of its Vista Release Candidate 1 testing program included some information of interest to Tablet PC users:

With Windows Vista, customers now have the ability to make choices between editions based on the valuable features they desire, which are now available as standard features of mainstream editions.

For example, 64-bit support and Tablet PC and touch technology are standard features of the Home Premium and Business editions.

The Vista Home Premium version lists a suggested retail price of $239, or an upgrade price of $159. Vista Business has a suggested retail tag of $299, and carried an upgrade price of $199.

Eric Charran, posting on his blog on the Microsoft Developer Network, noted his testing of Vista on a Tablet PC machine:

So, here is my non General Availability (GA) software profile I’m running on my Tablet PC Tecra M4 for my everyday production and work usage:
1. Vista RC1 (Including Windows Mobile Device Sync to my Treo 700 W and full Aero Glass)
2. Office 2007 Beta 2
3. Windows Live Writer Beta
4. Windows Desktop Mail Beta

Microsoft said of its pricing that it has remained unchanged for versions that have equivalents in Windows XP. They also noted, “The announcements signal a major step for the technology industry toward the final availability of Windows Vista, currently targeted for volume license customers in November 2006 and general availability in January 2007.”


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