Vista RC2 Released; Delays Still Possible

    October 6, 2006

Windows Vista is, after many delays, taking a noticeable step forward.

Microsoft released the final test version Friday, although it hinted that further postponements could still take place. Release Candidate 2, at least, is now out of the way.

CNET’s Ina Fried covered the release, and noted that it “is being made available to its usual crop of technical testers and developers, as well as to some of the enthusiast consumers who are testing the earlier, RC1 version.”

Her article also included an official statement from the Redmond-based company.

“Microsoft has continued to receive excellent feedback that is helping to improve the overall quality and performance of the product,” it said.

“RC2 reflects that feedback and includes important improvements in performance, application compatibility and fit and finish work.”

It’s important for Microsoft to get everything “right” with Vista, of course, but another delay could damage the company’s reputation.

Retailers were extremely frustrated when the release date was pushed back until after the Christmas shopping season.

Another Microsoft quote in the CNET article left the issue up in the air.

“As we stated from the beginnning of Windows Vista development, the quality of the product will always be our first priority,” the company stated. “That said, Microsoft continues to target Windows Vista availability for volume license customers in November 2006 and general availability in January 2007, although the final delivery will be based on quality.”

It looks like the company is putting off a final decision on the release until the last minute.

As reviews and opinions of RC2 start to form, we’ll look to them for an indication of which way the issue might go.


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