Vista Press Kit Images

    July 28, 2005

Microsoft has released some pretty pictures as part of its Windows Vista virtual press kit. Check em out (and click to enlarge)…

All Documents

You may notice that not only is the title bar transparent, but so is the Recycle Bin icon. Also, the info area at the bottom of the folder view has room for “Comments”, “Project” and “Keywords”. Also, this All Documents folder is a virtual folder. You can also see the thumbnail preview, an image of the actual document.

Virtual Folders

So, now “My” has been replaced by “All” (as in All Documents). Also, now All Documents, All Music and Albums (formerly My Pictures) have been turned into virtual folders.

Control Panel

As you can see, Vista has the simplified view of the Control Panel, just like XP (although, thankfully, you can always switch to Classic). The simplified view has more advanced options, including those of user priveleges, which show the newer commitment to security.

Pictures and Video

Search Results

Start Menu and Search Results

This is the search results Start Menu, not the regular one (that’s below), and you can see how only “co” has been typed, and the results are already displayed. Note how system tools are listed seperately (as in “Command Prompt).

Start Menu

Paul Thurott has put up some shots, including the new Control Panel > Programs, which contains the Games Explorer, the Computer folder (formerly My Computer), the nested Start Menu, the full classic control panel, Windows Parental Controls (which can also block games with certain ratings), the Microsoft Speech Center, and a dialog about administrator permissions.

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