Vinegar Cancer Test Has The Potential To Save Thousands

By: Zach Walton - June 2, 2013

A simple vinegar cancer test has helped save thousands of lives in India.

Doctors presented this life-saving vinegar-based cancer test at a conference today. They say that it’s cheap enough to help prevent thousands of cancer cases in developing nations. In this particular case, it helped prevent a third of all cervical cancer cases among women in India.

In developed nations like the U.S., doctors use pap smears to look for signs of cervical cancer. Those in poor nations can’t afford these tests so doctors looked to cheaper methods that got the job done. They found that swabbing the cervix with diluted vinegar caused infected cells to change color.

The best part about the above cancer test is that it doesn’t require any expensive tools or training. In fact, anybody can trained to perform the test in just two weeks. With such a cheap barrier of entry, doctors hope that this simple test can save lives.

The study found that this new cancer test could save up to 22,000 lives in India every year. They hope that the test will start being used in more underdeveloped countries and save up to 72,600 lives around the world each year.

India has liked what it sees in this study, and has already started to expand the program. There’s also another test that is looking to detect breast cancer at an earlier stage, but it’s too early in the study to find if it has had any effect. If both programs can prove successful, the medical community will be able to save more women’s lives around the world.

[h/t: AP]

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  • Bill

    Western Medical care and eastern medical care are vastly different. One is about greed and how much can we make off this test not about saving
    lives. The other about saving lives and not about the greed. what
    could insurance companies and doctors could learn from those who have
    had to make it work.

    • Robert

      Bill – You are an idiot. Are Doctors in India, or anywhere in the world, for that matter, unpaid? Let’s see you do four years of college, four years of medical school, come out $300,000.00 in debt, then do three or more years of residency and then 3 years of fellowship, at a salary of $55,000.00 per year, all the whole working 75-90 hours per week, and then go work for free. Not to mention the lost wages while you were in school. Also, you have to deal with no pension, pay for your own health insurance and malpractice. Yeah, doctors are REALLY greedy. If you get sick, go to India and let me know how you like their healthcare system.

      • Unique

        I would say that you are sick when you state that a doctor in USA makes 55 000 dollars/year – you are insane!? The fact is that a new Neonatologist make 230 000/year. Don’t even start talking about Cardiology & Surgery Speciallists. Fellows are usually having the low pay of 90 000 dollar/year…during their fellowship only.

    • kestrelco

      Medical care is about saving and improving life and health. Period. Claiming Western medical care is all about greed is an absolutely assinine thing to say. My life was saved by western medical care, my mother’s life was saved, my father’s life has been improved, my brother can still walk thanks to the doctor who removed a tumor from his spinal cord. Keep your conspiracy theories and moronic suggestions to yourself.

  • Jane

    I came from China a long time ago. The news report here said that in China, people lived under $2 a day. What a big deal with the big title, but they forgot to report the detail in reality how people lived over there. People in China at that time lived only 5 yuang/10 =$0.50/month for rent and 0.10 yuang/10=$0.01 per doctor visit fee. And ultimately, the most important thing is Doctors in China were able to diagnosis and fix patients problem and diseases in much faster and effective way with very low cost. Here in the most of time the doctors focusing on is the procedure to diagnosis, rarely do the fixing, so patients spending huge amount of money to see doctors and the diseases were hardly to be fixed by Doctors usually. My nose bleeding has been seeing Doctor for the last 16 years, and still doing the same exam and procedure over and over again, never got fixed. 20 years ago, I got a skin issue, seeing a Doctor every two weeks for almost 3 years, didn’t get fixed, it then made me so depressed because the ugly spot. I went to China, just one visit, 5 yuang/10=$.50 medicine, after a week applied, the disease showed dramatically disappeared, so one month late the white spot was completely gone, never came back again so my depression issue was gone automatically. Recently here, in USA, my son went to Emergency room, waited for 1 hour and be bought into a hallway sit in a old metal chair for half hour, then finally got to see a Doctor, only 3 minutes talking, he passed my son one ice bag and then another half hour waiting period for nurse’s paper work, the bill came to us was $6000. Man, they really did almost nothing to my sons for the emergency visiting, I, as a parent didn’t even get a old metal chair to sit down while we were waiting in the hallway and met the Doctor. This is really a legal criminal case. This country USA, big $ couldn’t solve a real problem, and big payment for doing nothing happen pretty frequently in the medical system. The law makers and people require moral education to fix the medical system here urgently; otherwise the country will be totally bankrupted by this immoral medical system and practice. The richer will face the same bad fate when they got a disease one day. The sad news is the most people here didn’t really realized how bad the medical system is since they haven’t experienced a good one yet in their life …

  • Jane

    Another big puzzle to me is why the law makers are such incapable to solve the serious immoral medical system and practice issue here and they still get a big pay check from the tax payers. American peoples are the biggest victim in the world from the medical system here.