Vine Cat-Kicker Arrested, Charged with Cruelty to Animals

    August 21, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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A viral animal abuse video has led to an arrest, and the perpetrator faces a maximum of 60 days in jail on a charge of cruelty to animals.

17-year-old Walter Easley will be back in court on September 12th to face charges after a Vine video that shows Easley kicking a cat went viral with the help of 4chan, reddit, and plenty of news outlets.

“Look at this goddamn cat on my porch. Get the f*ck off my porch,” said Walter Easley before kicking a kitten off his porch and into his yard.

According to officials, the small cat shown in the video was found unharmed, and authorities took other animals from the residence into custody.

After the video went viral, a petition was created on the Care2 petition site, demanding Easley be brought to justice. It has garnered over 3,200 signatures.

“Please bring this scum to justice,” said the petitioner. “Part of me is glad he posted that original Vine, it makes finding creatures like him a lot easier. I’m even gladder he’s dumb enough to publicly post what state he’s in!”

Easley quickly deleted the Vine and protected his Twitter account as soon as things started to take a turn, but there were plenty of GIFs and YouTube videos of the Vine around for angry animal lovers to scour. You know, you can’t really ever delete anything from the internet.

Apparently, Easley has provided a pretty weak defense for his cat-kicking.

From the Times and Democrat:

According to an Orangeburg County incident report, the youth said the video had been edited. He said in reality, “he did not actually kick the cat as hard as it appears on the video.” He claimed he only tossed the cat into the air with his foot rather than kicking it.

When the officers asked how the cat “ended up airborne and flipping through the air,” the youth said he “did throw the cat off the porch to make it look like he kicked it for the video.”

I’m not sure throwing a cat off a porch is going to endear Mr. Easley to many animals lovers either. Rule #1 of the internet: don’t mess with cats, dude.

  • Reality

    Animal lovers are crazy. They love animals more than people. Went down to my local Walmart and saw diapers for dogs and cats. We have starving people in this world and real children who can’t get diapers — yet we want to put diapers on pets. America is the most insane country in the world. There is a reason why the world hates us.

    I understand all the love for pets. They love you when no one else does. I get it. I really do. But some people just take it to extremes.

    That being said — the video was just plain dumb.

    • Tammy

      There should not be people starving in this world. The only reason there is is because of people having blinders on and allowing Governments to be crooked.

    • Silver Fang

      There’s always one troll like you in every thread about animals. Two-legged or four-legged, we are all sentient and should be treated with love and respect.

      • Perspective

        There is always one person because it is the truth. We have starving people and there are people in America spending hundreds of dollars a month on things for their pets.

        Is a cat more important than the child who comes home from school every day and doesn’t have anything to eat? No that cat is not more important. That child is.

        Sorry if the truth hurts. But that is the reality.

        • cg

          The truth hurts?? Lemme know when you start speaking truth. This is a free world and people are free to save or spend as they wish. Mind your own business if you don’t like how I spend my money or who I save as you, I am sure, are out saving all of those starving children that you can. IGNORANT.

    • Tired of Idiots!

      Diapers for cats are for crippled animals that cannot help themselves. You are such an idiot, I actually feel sorry for you. You think you are smart and you blame America’s problems on compassionate people? Our problems stem from the media and our power hungry government. Animals are innocent creatures, just like babies. So, you must think it okay to kick a baby off a porch then, right? Your a dumb ass, plain and simple!

      • Perspective

        No one said it was okay to kick anything off the porch. I think it is important to put human beings before animals. Believe me animals can fend for themselves.

        At the end of the day, are you going to spend your money on helping people or animals? Me, I rather spend it on people.

    • Mick

      So, how much of your paycheck goes to feeding the homeless? I bet not a dime of it. Dont complain about why the world hates us when you are obviously a prime example of the reason why. Your hypocrisy and your ignorance.

      • Perspective

        LOL !!!!! LMAO!!!

        You don’t know a thing about me or what I do with my money. Your whole statement is ignorant because you have no clue as to what you are talking about. You are just making things up in your head.

        Mick, don’t worry. It is just an opinion. You don’t have to take personal shots at a person you don’t even know!!! Then again, that is the American way isn’t it Mick??? Assume the worst about everyone you don’t know.

    • visualverbs

      100% of animals are infinitely more reliable than 90% of humans.

  • d. green

    Animal lovers are crazy?? No, animal lovers had “real” mothers who taught them early on to have compassion, sympathy, love, care and concern for ALL living beings..not just some “mama” who cares less for teaching her children how to be human beings. Fathers teach other things. Animal lovers are crazy? FACT: ALL famous mass murderers and mass rapists began torturing and abusing animals before moving up to humans. FACT: Animal abusers, dog fighters, animal torturers..DO MOVE ON TO COMMIT CHILD ABUSE, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, VERY VIOLENT CRIMES AGAINST “real” HUMAN BEINGS, AND MURDER…Take that to the bank. REAL human beings want the SH** in prisons locked away from our children and our friends and families. Unfortunately, such a corrupt U.S. Court system as we have, KNOWINGLY puts these “things” back out on the street to prey on society.

    • @ d. green

      A little crazy aren’t we??

      I can see how much having animals in your life has mad you a beacon of compassion and love for your fellow man…. I mean just look at how kind and compassionate all your statements were!!! I feel so much warmth and gentleness from you!!

      You my dear are a hypocrite. All you have is anger built up in you and don’t know the first thing about compassion or love. Real human beings would not want anyone to go through the horrors of prison. Trust me kicking a cat of a porch does not compare to the atrocities that you man will face in prison. But then again you are so compassionate and feel that that is okay.

      • Sarah

        Jail isn’t Prison. You haven’t a clue what you’re talking about

    • Hypocrite

      I guess you are also concerned about that chicken or cow you killed when you chose to eat a piece of fried chicken or a hamburger. I mean your love, compassion, and care extend to them, right? How about the ants that you step on every day when you walk?


      Maybe it is just the cute animals.

      • cg


    • FACT

      FACT: d. green you are crazy.

      FACT: you have no sources for your facts.

      FACT: you have no idea how this person will turn out.

      FACT: you love to cast the first stone but I am sure there are things you have done wrong in your life. You probably would want mercy extended to you, but you do not want to show mercy in this case.

  • Roger

    This behavior reinforces the idea that animal cruelty is an acceptable option, excusable because the individual is too young to know the harm caused by his “ignorance.” Authorities have the opportunity to provide a learning experience for this deliquent as well as others who may consider parroting his actions. Sixty days is an extremely light punishmnent for intentionally harming any animal for personal pleasure and the self-gradification of calling attention to the act. While the sixty days of confinement is a start, let him also serve a year of probation working (under supervision) in an animal sanctuary, zoo, or other similar environment, while being required to teach visitors some aspect of animal behavior. Hopefully, this sick individual will change his attitude before deciding to inflict pain on humans.

    • Reality

      You go spend 60 days in jail and see how you like it or if the penalty is too little. Most people who think jail terms are too lenient are individuals who have no idea what it is like to be in jail.

      People in this country think they know what the punishment is like for crimes but few even have stepped foot into a jail or prison.

      Roger you harm a cow every time you eat a hamburger. Yet, the cow is not cute and cuddly. You couldn’t care less about a cow, but are outraged about a cat that got kicked off the porch.

      It is the ultimate hypocrisy.

      • Red Rabbit

        harming an animal for food is an ENTIRELY different aspect than harming it for fun. If you kill an animal it better be for food or if you live in a third world country for fur so you can keep your ass warm.

      • cg

        That’s total garbage. I have been and I, as well as other inamtes, agree they are way too lenient. And I don’t eat meat, so don’t generalize. It’s ignorant.

        • cg


  • logan fortune

    grrr i hate animal abusers… if i had my own way i would kick him myself

  • logan fortune

    watch out animal abusers… IM COMING FOR YOU!!! BECAUSE I HATE EM!!! WHO AGREES

  • conrad vanstone

    hi logan

    • logan fortune

      hey this isnt for chat its for peole who hate animal abusers