Vince McMahon Likes To Surprise WWE Wrestlers


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Vince McMahon seems like the kind of guy who is always serious and rarely cracks a smile.

While he has a reputation for being a strict business man, Hulk Hogan says that he is one of the nicest and most generous people he has ever met and even claims that he would give anyone he knows the shirt off his back.

Hogan admitted that he has had his fair share of disagreements with the WWE owner, but also said that Vince saved him during a dark time in his life.

“I was in situations before filled with drama and negativity 24 hours a day. So my life changed before I came here. It’s just kind of like everything kind of rolled out the right way. The opportunity to come home and the opportunity to end my career here in WWE, it just rolled out exactly like it was supposed to. It was a great turn.”

Hogan said that Vince is also a jokester and likes to play pranks on the wrestlers from time to time.

McMahon showed how laid back and caring he can be after a recent episode of Monday Night Raw.

Hogan was celebrating his 61st birthday and when Raw ended and everyone had gone backstage, McMahon had a surprise waiting for Hogan.

"I got rattled when they played the package because I didn’t know what they were going to do,” Hogan said. “Vince [McMahon] likes to do the sneaky stuff without telling me. I was rattled when I saw the package and really fell apart reflecting on that time. Everybody from Flair to Piper to Orndorff was supposed to come out and say stuff. Nobody got to say anything. When Hall and Nash got to the ring WWE was saying no promos. No promos? “I thought you had to have Hall’s ‘Hey Yo.’ Then there had to be the transition to sing the birthday song to lead to [Brock] Lesnar coming out. The whole thing wasn’t going down the way we thought it was, but we had some old pros in there to pull it off. It was very emotional.”

While those watching from home didn't get to see Vince's backstage shenanigans, Hogan explained what happened and said that it was a pleasant surprise.

“I didn’t expect that,” Hogan said. “Nobody told me that was going to happen. I thought Vince was for sure going to throw the cake at me, and I was going to dive into the cake, but he was cool. He gave me a big hug. It was just a great night. It really was.”

Who knew Vince could be so thoughtful?