VideoEgg Partners With Three Media Sites

    January 15, 2008

In terms of name recognition, it isn’t exactly an A-list collection of companies – no YouTube, no Facebook, no Flickr.  But VideoEgg has partnered with Metacafe, Imeem, and Buzznet, and advertisers should say "thank you" in response.

An official statement explains, "VideoEgg‘s Eggnetwork Advertising Platform (EAP) . . .  now allows deployment of video advertising in any Flash environment.  With EAP for Video, high-quality publishers can easily integrate VideoEgg’s invitation-based video advertising into their existing video platform – enabling sites to earn revenue by delivering unique in-video ads to their community."VideoEgg Partners With Three Media Sites

So Metacafe, Imeem, and Buzznet can accommodate a rush of new advertisers without reassigning (or hiring) an equal number of programmers.  And VideoEgg gains access to an estimated 50 million unique users.  Not bad, eh?

Of course, any financial details related to the deal remain undisclosed, so if one party or another is getting the short straw, we aren’t likely to hear about it.  This seems like the sort of thing companies would willingly pay to achieve, however, so the details might be of little relevance, anyway.

Finally, we’ll note that the last time we wrote about VideoEgg, it had just earned $15 million in funding; this isn’t a bad trend for any company.