Video On PCs Becoming Much More Popular

Television slips a bit

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The day has yet to arrive when people prefer watching videos on computer screens instead of gigantic plasmas.  A shift in viewing patterns is occurring, though, according to the latest numbers from Ipsos MediaCT.

In February of 2007, about 11 percent of video content was watched on PCs, and 75 percent of it scrolled across televisions.  During the same period in 2008, those stats had changed to 19 percent and 70 percent, respectively.  And in case you’re wondering, all of the PC viewing didn’t occur thanks to DVD drives.

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 Ipsos MediaCT’s Video Stats
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"Streaming video online has become an activity many Americans aren’t just experimenting with, but enjoy on a regular basis," Adam Wright, Director at Ipsos MediaCT, confirmed in a statement.  "Today, about half of all Internet users aged 12 and up have streamed a video file online in the past 30 days."

So it’s a door-closing, window-opening scenario for advertisers, but those who specialize in online video should have a decided advantage in the years ahead.  Other markets exist, too, but as eMarketer points out, they’re not exactly mainstream.

It’s interesting to consider an extreme-growth scenario involving the two leading types of video consumption; if the place of PCs continued to almost double every twelve months, televisions would become 100-pound paperweights within four years.

Video On PCs Becoming Much More Popular
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  • http://www.petfoodstory.com David Johnson

    Television will not lose its supremecy anytime soon because TV is comfort entertainment and the PC is information entertainment.

    Currently the PC is the easiest way to gather information. Video is the most effective method to deliver this information because the major of PC users were brought up on video (TV, movies, PC video games).  I would also feel confident in saying the majority of the same PC users have read less than one informational book in the last three years.

    People will watch information or promotion videos on PC because they were looking for information in the first place. When the video is entertainment, I believe people still prefer the comfort of their couch or easy chair sitting in front of a large TV connected to their surround or stereo system.

    Passive entertainment video on PC will never replace TV viewing because advertisers will kill video on the PC just as they are doing on TV.

    The PC has been great for getting in, out, and around very rapidly and succinctly. But advertisiers are polluting the Internet envirnoment just as they have done with TV and print.

    I believe in the next few years the commercial internet video landscape will look alot like TV. When there are billions of people (consumers) on the internet daily, there’s too much profit being lost by not monetizing videos.

    When it comes to video entertainment, I’ll always prefer my comfy couch, kick-ass stereo system, popcorn, soda, and remote control.


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