Video Marketing Savvy

    May 15, 2006

Video can give your marketing efforts a boost in a variety of ways. Here are two small, smart examples, at either end of the budget spectrum.

Let’s start with event promotion on the skinny.

YouTube Makes Event Promotion Easy

In the aftermath of a successful event, Philip Young created a video wrap-up and posted it to YouTube.

“London: The Movie” was created using a digital camera, Photo Story 3 and some podcast excerpts. It’s a great way to build interest in a follow-up event without adding a line item in your event budget for a videographer (Hat tip to Neville Hobson).

GM Sponsorship is About Access

From skinny budgets to big-boned, Ad Age (reg. req.) tells us that GM is sponsoring the Survivor Finale on-demand.

Survivor fans in select markets will be able to watch the episode for no additional charge through Comcast’s video-on-demand platform. This will be the first time an advertiser has fully sponsored on-demand prime-time broadcast programming.

The program will air with only three commercials. The ads direct viewers to the GM Showroom, an on-demand destination that provides videos, along with in-depth product walk-arounds of various GM vehicles.

This is a clear payoff to the sponsorship, unlike Sprite and LOST where I had to figure out the connection/payoff on my own.

GM is doing more than cutting a sponsorship check here. They are creating customer good will and awareness by providing FREE access to VOD and tying themselves to the buzz of a popular show and VOD technology. This would be the polar opposite of what NBC created by pulling SNL’s Lazy Sunday/Narnia Rap from YouTube and turning it into an iTunes revenue generator.

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