Video Ads Increase Brand Awareness Not Clicks

    September 13, 2006

If you’re thinking of testing out video ads, as they become more prevalent, you should prepare yourself for the lack of click-thrus.

AlwaysOn chatted to Greg Stuart, president of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, who cautioned video ads can increase brand awareness without click-thrus.

“…there’s absolutely no relationship between a click-through and a brand attitude change – it has nothing to do with it whatsoever. Consumers hear messages, they see messaging and they begin to shift their perceptions about that brand as a result of that, and that again leads to that change of behavior. So I would be very concerned if the broadband video industry started to measure click performance as some metric. It’s just not the right thing to do.”

But surely video ads must have their click-thrus measured on some level. While “clicks” may not be the major action of a video ad, we should at least be able to tell if an ad is successful, based upon its click volume (however small).


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