Victoria Jackson Loses It On Twitter, Gets Spoofed

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Victoria Jackson, a former “Saturday Night Live” cast member and comedienne, has garnered negative attention over the past several years for her outspoken rants about gays, God, and politics; however, none have come close to her latest tirade on Twitter after the election was called.

Jackson tweeted several times about America being “dead” now that Obama is back in office, and is adamant about trying to prove that Mitt Romney was closer to winning than we all think. Her opinions aren’t being taken seriously, however, as she’s being blasted all over the web.

The actress previously angered “Glee” fans everywhere when she spoke up about an episode in which two male characters kissed, saying, “Did you see Glee this week? Sickening! And, besides shoving the gay thing down our throats, they made a mockery of Christians – again!”

Her rants have been compiled into one spoof by comedienne Julie Brown, who takes on the blonde’s quirky personality with ease.

Victoria Jackson Loses It On Twitter, Gets Spoofed
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  • Big Bopper

    Victoria used to be soooooooooooo sexy. The biggest problem I have with her position is that she assumed that Mitt Romney was the New Messiah. He was going to fix EVERYTHING. Now he can’t fix every little thing, including the show Glee. Being hysterical over any candidate is unwarranted.

  • Mikey

    It amazes me that people who have absolutely no concept of how the election process works feel the need to comment about it. She tweets that military ballots delivered a day late would have changed the outcome of the election?!? Even my 10 year old knows that voting in the presidential election is nothing more than a feel good thing and that the president is selected by the Electoral College. I wish the people that feel the need to be heard would get a clue…

  • daniel


  • bill

    dear god you have promised to raise up righteous leaders into high places and to remove those who have displayed unrighteous authority.
    we earnesty pray that you will once again exalt the upright and expose
    the ungodly amen pray for our leaders and love one another

  • Randy

    Victoria as a political spokesperson has been as big a joke as Dennis Miller was a football commentator. I have no problems with liberal or conservative vies. The issue I take is when a person believes their view/views is the ONLY way to believe. It’s impossible for humans to be
    correct 100% of the time.

    • Randy

      See? I misspelled views! :)

  • Jack Enrod

    dear god,
    Please take VJ to your heavenly kingdom…be much appreciated.


  • craig

    And to think I actually LIKED her on SNL!

  • Al

    I think Victoria should leave her husband and marry Ted Nugent. I think they would be very happy together.

  • http://none Kosh

    Ephesians 6-12
    12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

    Funny she doesn’t mention Ephesians 6- 5 through 9 witch says:

    5 Slaves, obey your earthly masters with respect and fear, and with sincerity of heart, just as you would obey Christ. 6 Obey them not only to win their favor when their eye is on you, but as slaves of Christ, doing the will of God from your heart. 7 Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people, 8 because you know that the Lord will reward each one for whatever good they do, whether they are slave or free.

    9 And masters, treat your slaves in the same way. Do not threaten them, since you know that he who is both their Master and yours is in heaven, and there is no favoritism with him.

    Is she for Slavery?

  • miles d long sr

    all that food must have made her flip out long ago

  • http://yahoo! Tommy Oliver

    Victoria Jackson is somewhere sharing a rubber room with Karl Rove…stupid b!tch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • David

      Thank God ! Looks like she is one of the lucky ones not to have drank the kool-aid you stupid people !

      • MEL

        Excuse us David but we all couldn’t afford the champagne or whatever you and Mitt drank that made both of you think you had a chance in hell of winning!

  • Max


  • Rick Shaw

    Hey Victoria while you’re at it, why don’t you look into the election fraud that occurred in 2000 and 2004? Or was that when Christians WERE voting?

  • Jayne Andrews

    She needs to be committed…. that weird voice, and the bows on the head??? This is a weird rant….

  • Cat

    Victoria Jackson…hmmm…didn’t she used to be not funny on SNL and was booted off? Sounds like her current 15 minutes of fame includes being a female guard at Auschwitz.

  • chukalukabus

    Go get’em girl. The blissful ignorance of most the commentators here speak for themselves. Pure hate and rubbish. Corruption is at the core of our government. Chicago style. Keep up the good fight.

  • Chris

    Did anyone make you watch “Glee”. I mean did they strap you to a chair with handcuffs and rope and kept your eyes open with cotton swabs? I honestly think that the doctor needs to double or triple your prozac…

  • Sergei Matveiev

    Nut Job!

  • Mary

    The Christians did show up I am sure. But that is beside the point. Due to your view language it appears that you might not recognize a Christian anyway. I just wonder if you’ve ever thought about what we do with our lives. You know when they put numbers on tombstones they put the birth date and death date. The hyphen or space between is the important part (It represents what you do with your life.) i.e. helping others, building others up, being a servant to help in this world, truly making a difference with the time you have on this earth. Life is short and we never know when it will end. I wonder if you ever even think that when we die and leave the earth you do have to go somewhere. (Heaven or Hell) In other words at the end of life there is two choices. The thing is salvation is free and even though people look for bargains that cannot see that. Every life is important and even if Christians are mistaken, what is wrong with living a good clean life. And when everyone sees that Christians are correct and the BIBLE is true, eternity awaits because Jesus died for our sins. I wish you the best. Thank you for reading this.

    • jim

      well said Mary.

  • Rico

    This woman is beyond help. With her “cutesy” baby voice and her right wing extreme bash on gays as well as muslims has pretty much summed up what many of us know to be true. The DRUGS were kick ass on the SNL set and this poor woman is suffering the reprucussions. But dont forget after her last rant she did say she had “gay friends”. HMMMM how is that working out for you know Victoria??? Truly out of sinc with reality but this is her 1 minute left of fame –go for it….

  • Jane Laberee

    And I thought her airhead persona on SNL was just an act. How wrong I was.

  • http://yahoo greg

    I’m with Victoria. I’m sick and tired of left wing nut extremist corruption and moral bankruptcy.

    • Jeff

      What about the moral bankruptcy of right-wingers who couldn’t tell the truth if their lives depended on it?

  • Carrie Gutfeld

    I’m with Victoria Jackson. You all would be to scared to make fun of Muslims, but you badmouth Christians all the time.

    • Jeff

      I make fun of islam all the time, so what’s your point? All religion is a poisonous delusion that makes people commit horrible crimes in the name of ‘god.’ How do I know this? Because SATAN told me so!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  • Shannon

    Her worthless opinon has been noted

  • Jeff

    Vikki Tiki Tavi, brain cells have died
    Vikki Tiki Tavi, all she says are lies.
    Vikki Tiki Tavi, a bibliotic loon
    Vikki Tiki Tavi, howling at the moon!

    (with apologies to Donovan)

  • MO

    Wasn’t funny on Saturday Night Live and still not funny now. Just go away Victoria – you are an embarrassment.

    • James

      Mo, I agree with you completely. Here’s solid evidence backing up your comment. Compare Victoria the lunatic to Chevy Chase, Eddie Murphy, Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Bill Murray, Will Ferrell, Julia Dreyfus and many others. Victoria was not funny, just a token without talent and being a ranting fool is the only way she can receive attention.

  • TSgold

    At least Victoria tells the truth. Obama is god of the leeches of society. Give me an Obamaphone, Obamahealthcare,and a Obamahome. Let the people who work pay more and more taxes while more and more do less and less. Sounds great ; for reality-looks towards Greece

    • Carol Phillips

      Thats right, President Obama got into office only because of the black vote. No one voted for Obama except blacks. You know…all those lazy shiftless blacks! Remember, blacks aren’t Christians nor do they have a soul! I know, maybe slavery should be brought back so that all you angry white bigots will feel at ease. Excuse me, but I need to tell you something….YOUR RACISM IS SHOWING!!!

      • TSgold

        All Blacks do have souls and many are christian. Unfortunately most blacks would vote for a black Hilter over any other white candidate. Most/All have experienced racism against them and I do not blame them for responding in kind. Someday people will vote based on a candidates qualifications and not color of his skin. Obviously, the time is not now. Enjoy your 4 more years of Obama and Americas decline.

        • James

          TSgold, your ignorance is showing. I guess it’s okay for blacks to vote for white democrats but as soon as they vote for a black democrat somehow they’re racist in your small mind? Black Hitler? How stupid of you. Perhaps if you had a single black friend in this world, your viewpoint might be different?

      • Pepper

        Democrats stooped lower then low this election. But they won because they have the “Stupid people”vote. Its true!!

        • James

          Sure Pepper, if voters aren’t old, white, bigoted and wrinkled like yourself, they must be stupid.

      • tommy

        WOW-looks like your racism is showing too!!!

  • Chuck

    Had Victoria’s mom aborted her when she had the chance, the world would be a much better place.

    • Maria

      Gee, Chuck, hopefully nobody judges YOU as harshly! You are a real sweetheart!

  • sean barnes

    She neglected to vote until she was 41 years old. Could that be considered stupid?

  • Anthony

    Why is it that if someone not in agreement with the left wing liberal agenda fawning over Obama, Reid, and Pelosi. That their opinions get brushed off as rants. However,
    if you’re Maxine Waters and tell everyone to go straight to hell! Then all of the left wingers are on their feet with their hands waving in the air as if they’re in a Baptist Church revival cheering her on. You liberals might have won this election. But I think you all can go straight to hell for demonizing someone for simply stating her opinion and feelings. God knows you all ram down our throats your opinions.
    Ad nauseam. You know the saying: you can dish it out……. And you can thank Obama for keeping racism alive. I hear someone starting a new club and they’re all going out to buy white sheets.

  • http://lindasbaskets.com Charles

    As A man that serviced in the arm forces of this country I will say that the women has the right to her opinion and I will defend her right to have it. There those of you who voted for the man just because he is black and there are those of you who voted against the man just because he was black. All that shouild be put behind us now, now is the time for all americans to come together and work to rebuild this country by holding all of government responsible for working toghter for the good of the people not just themselves. Now is the time for every voice to be heard and tell the President, the Senate, the House of Representatives we will not settle for another foru (4) years of unproductivity. They don’t have to like the man to work with him to get the country on its feet.

    • James

      Charles, I agree with the overwhelming majority of your posting except for stating that people voted for Obama because he’s black. I’m really tired of some whites choosing to ignore the fact that blacks historically vote overwhelmingly democratic and all of a sudden some whites view it as race based????????????

  • LULU

    Accept the cold, hard facts whiners–Most blacks vote Democratic and your ARROGANT, HAUGHTY, PRIDEFUL candidate lost and LOST BIG! If Hillary had gotten the nomination they would have voted for her just like they’ve voted for all the other WHITE guys who received the Democratic nomination in past elections! I would have voted for that chair Clint Eastwood was talking to before voting Republican! Your party is full of crazies (Ms Victoria Nutbucket, Ted Nugent, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly; it’s a long list) who revel in the negative attention they receive and make EVERYONE associated with the party look bad! All one had to do was watch as the camera panned through the audience at thier convention and that sad crowd at the concession speech to see who and what the GOP is all about. You prayed and contimue to pray for evil to befall The President but God isn’t some Holy Concierge granting the misguided and hateful requests of silly people. Clearly, she doesn’t believe a word the Bible teaches or she wouldn’t be carrying on so. The Bible doesn’t say love thy neighbor,UNLESS they are black, or gay or athiest! It says love thy neighbor! PERIOD!!! She’s so convinced everyone else is Hellbound; she should look in a mirror!

  • AHW

    This twit always did get on my last nerve. Jackson is just another in a long line of tea bagger hypocrites crying in her beer when she can’t steal another election. How easy it is for ultra-conservative wing-nuts to deny the shocking lack of morality among their 1%-owned so-called leadership. Is it moral to murder abortion providers and clinic workers in cold blood, often in front of their families? To steal elections? To start illegal wars for profit that have destroyed ancient civilizations, not to mention millions of lives? To commit heinous black-op crimes against their own citizens (9/11)? Is it moral to think one group has the right to dictate how others live or to brainwash some of the middle and working classes to vote against their interests with one lie after another? I think not. I’d love to lock up these morons with all the maimed soldiers, with the survivors of those soldiers and 9/11 victims who will never make it home, with the survivors of the murdered doctors and other caregivers, with the survivors of all the perversion committed against young men and women by some Catholic priests, nuns and the Church leaders who shielded them for centuries. No one is singling out Christians; those of us who are intelligent and caring detest all the evils perpetrated in God’s name by bigots in every religion. None of the truly religious people I know ever wield their faith as a weapon, unlike the Victoria Jacksons of the world. I have a step-relative who is a Baptist, but he feels utterly repulsed by the horrific behavior of the Westboro Baptist Church. I’m proud to say my small city turned out in droves to shield the grieving family of a young soldier during his funeral a few months ago. There is yet another example of how dangerous small-minded zealots can be; no person of conscience could interrupt a stranger’s funeral just to hurl epithets that do not even apply to the individual and his family. The electorate has spoken, all you zealots. Go put on your grown-up pants and suck it up.

  • James

    I’m still waiting for this bimbo to say something that’s funny or even to utter a simple sentence without the annoying pauses, stammering, non fluencies and her other garbage speech patterns reflective of a dried up brain.

  • James

    I am beyond tired of some whites ‘thinking’ and saying that blacks voted for Obama because of race? What an extremely idiotic and bigoted thing to say. Black over the past many decades have voted overwhelmingly democratic in presidential elections and these whites didn’t pull the race card when blacks were voting for white democrats. Perhaps if some of these whites had a single black friend in this world such stupidity could be curtailed. Here’s another thing, I guarantee you that Romney received a very high percentage of Mormon votes because he’s Mormon yet no one is bothered by that. Finally if 95% of blacks supported Obama instead of the usual 85 to 90% support for a presidential candidate, you(meaning bigoted whites) are essentially attacking an entire race because in a typical group of 20 persons, 19 supported a candidate instead of the usual 17 or 18 so you’re judging an entire race based on a variance of those 1 to 2 additional members within a group of 20 voting differently. In summary, calling blacks racist because of the voting pattern of 5 to 10% of the race. How stupid can you be?

    • cool cat

      James you are 100% correct about the blacks voting the Democratic ticket. I hate to say it but if a black man ran for the republicans & a white man for Democrats you would have a big swing in votes. Thats just the way things are. A larger % of Blacks have been & are going through a more difficult life than whites. The evolution between the two are total opposites. So blacks will stick together the majority of the time in all fairness. Being a racist alot of the times is not hating but being judgmental. I do that, living outside of St. Louis, Mo. Watching the local news, the blacks day after day committing the majority of the crimes. It is not an excuse, still should be punished but that is how they grew up, generation after generation. Alot are trapped in societies web with a more difficult chance of getting out. So it seems a black president might understand & in some cases relate to the black voter. That in a nutshell is why most blacks vote skin color.

      • Anne

        there was a black man who was running as a republican and his name was HERMAN CAIN and he had very few black supporters. Obama is not the first black man to run for president.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_African-American_United_States_presidential_and_vice_presidential_candidates

        As you know ,there are black republicans and there are black democrats. Black people are democrats for many reasons. The majority of republicans think that blacks vote democrats because they are on welfare and support government assistance. Statistics There are just as many white people on welfare as black people . Most African Americans are democrats for reasons dating back to the civil rights movement and what the democratic party was doing for blacks versus what the republican party was doing for them .

    • robgrow

      Seems YOU can be pretty stupid–Dumb-ass



  • http://twitter.com/gayatheistlh GayAtheistLH

    Bitch, Please!

  • Doug

    Poor Victoria, she’s obviously just another blithering idiot who’s been indoctrinated into an archaic political party (christianity)and thus checked what little brains she has at the door.

  • http://Yahoo Howard

    I had the misfortune to see Ms. Jackson perdorm at the Resorts Hotel in Atlantic City last year and I was shocked at both how fat and unkept she has become and how NOT FUNNY at all she was.

  • http://Yahoo Howard

    I had the misfortune to catch Ms. Jackson’s act at the Resorts Hotel in Atlantic City last year. Not only was she not funny, but she is a mess. She looked unkept and fat as a cow. This was Joe Piscapo’s Comedy Club and maybe he felt sorry for his former cast mate at SNL and booked her for the club. This and apparemntly other bad moves by Joe wound up costing him his club. We went back there a few months ago and found that the club no longer existed. Too bad for Joe. He was funny and a great antertainer. Must hav been his poor booking of talent. Anyway, Ms. Jackson is in no way relative any more and I don’t really give a S**T what she tweets.

  • Craig Alan

    She may not be my cup of tea
    no matter how painful this may be
    in a free society
    we have to live with Victoria Jackson and cast of Glee
    My little ditty

  • warrior7

    Standing on the sidelines and reading these comments from both sides of the issue I’ve observed a couple of things. One, the sharp difference between the so-called right and left. The most glaring differences being the utter VICIOUSNESS of people who are on the left. You behave like a bunch of hateful VIPERS. This does indeed show me the sad disgusting condition of this country, totally ripe for martial law and complete eradication of freedom. (remember? divide and conquer?) Victoria Jackson has the right to say whatever the heck she wants vis a vie the Constitution and Bill of Rights. And yes, you have the same right, but I think the foregone conclusion precludes a modicum of decency and respect and you can disagree respectfully without low blow attacks on her appearance etc. But because of the lack of love, compassion and moral decency, you unleash your bitterness and rage. You mask your utter hatred with sarcasm and trying to be clever but you are neither clever nor decent. The other thing I’ve noticed is a total inability to laugh at themselves. I have friends on both sides of the equation and that is a hallmark of people on the left. They can’t handle criticism and take themselves and their leaders of their pet causes way too seriously, as though they’re not flawed human beings.

    • Christina

      Do you realize how hypocritcal your post is? You said:
      “And yes, you have the same right, but I think the foregone conclusion precludes a modicum of decency and respect and you can disagree respectfully without low blow attacks on her appearance etc
      Do you find Ms Jackson’s views to be presented with a “modicum of decency and respect…without low blow attacks”?
      And you talk about the viciousness of the left? Come on, at least be honest.

  • Matt Carpetner

    In the end, God decides. My fellow Christians should realize that.


    • http://extremepowersportssa.com scottajones

      amen brother what I don’t get is the association between mormon’s and christians. I personally didn’t know much about mormon’s until the election but when I started doing research it just scared me to think that my religion could be confused with a cult!

  • Gayle

    Right on Warrior7! She can say what she wants. It IS still America. The problem is, the media (and reporters like this) want to belittle other people’s viewpoints that differ from their own in an attempt to be “intelligent”…Small minds talk about people, large minds talk about ideas.

    • Christina

      Interesting…”small minds talk about people, large minds talk about ideas”. Sounds like Ms Jackson is of the former.

  • http://YouTube C Young

    Victoria Jackson is making an ass out of herself. It is almost painful to watch.

  • Dick Dildow

    Who? She’s so yesterday that 90% of America doesn’t even remember her besides she isn’t that talented.

  • http://extremepowersportssa.com scottajones

    Christians did show up at the poles that’s why obama won do some research on mormon’s they are not christian!

  • http://extremepowersportssa.com scottajones

    P.S. I know why romney lost……….He forgot to wear his majic pajamas to protect him from the evil non-mormon’s……That is a legitimate mormon belief I couln’t make this stuff up!

  • http://extremepowersportssa.com scottajones

    Th bible warn’s us against false prophets, I understand mormon’s logic saying “christianity has beliefs that would to some be considered odd but joseph smith was a soothsayer he would go to towns and cherge them to make it rain and on top of that he wasn’t good at it he was tar and feathered as well as run out of many towns. He ordered the killing of unarmed wemon and children and killed two and wounded another before he was killed in jail. He was a con artist the religion say’s that jesus was just a man and that we were desendants from aliens. All I’m saying is if I’m going to follow someone with my soul why would I take the word of someone proven to be a liar and then base all I beleve in by his crazy words?
    That’s what really lost romney the election It was god’s will

  • Pam

    Viscious attacks for sure…..but she was frustrated no doubt with the “christians”……I wonder myself why so many “christians” would vote for a pro abortion and pro everything else that is contrary to the Bible (basis for “christian” beliefs)…….is it a little more money in the pay check……a little more wink and nod at outrageous behavior glamorized in Hollywood and lapped up by those who delight decadent behavior that is sooooo appealing (its hard to find a decent program on tv, had to remove the titles off the tv menu they were so blatant, or take a walk through the mall without an in your face poster advertising sexxxxx for just about everything. I’m not that old, but seems to me American has gone off the rails, yes I miss her too.

    No racism in my bones, have other race in my family, but this Presidents first act last time was to repeal the protection rights given by President Bush for the unborn…..let the blood flow into the sewer, burn the arms, feet, head and legs so nobody will see….but after all its not THEIR choice…..just a mama who wants to have it all (and apparently the billion dollar industry can’t go on the money they’d get for letting them live and adopting them). We are suppporting them with billions to kill our own children! What a high priced scam, democrat platform MAJORED IN the right to keep on keep’n on.

    Truth of the matter is we don’t want to be told anything, (unsaved people won’t be expected to get it often but do….its the “christians” with their ticket to gloryland and their “sin wagons” who will be in for a surprise with its their turn to answer in the hereafter ……. party on America…..take the money no matter at what cost… a few dollars in my pocket and the world’s fires are burning closer to home……and oh, those people in Bengazi calling for help, praying in vain for salvation, heard nothing but silence to the end from this administration or a flat “no” for protection much earlier, what WERE THEY thinking when after hours the doors were beat down and they were tormented and murdered with their motherland silent talk about lambs to the slaughter…..nothing but lies from administration…..bet the jokers who entered the compound afterward, even left paperwork that should have been taken – didn’t find one copy of a hated vhs tape…..ps that guys in jail for a year on another cause but “gotcha” just the same…..

    no we won’t be the judge here but christians are called upon to tell the truth about “christians” of which so many made a popular decision from the “prom King”……. but there will be a judgement day, and it won’t be on our terms…….many Christians know this, but some have gotten so caught up in the popularity contests they forgot that God said a few things about the blood of the innocent that cries out from the ground, and the reward of the party hardy lifestyles of the so promoted today.

    The light at the end of the tunnel is He forgives ALL but not while claiming “we have done no sin”. God Bless American and may this president someday know the truth and the right way to go for himself and for us.

    ps Hang in their Victoria, crazy girl who doesn’t go with the flow, you speak the truth just that nobody’s laughing this time.

    • http://google Jayne Moore

      Nope not frustrated! just a little crazy.

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