Victoria Beckham and Family to Enjoy Low-Cost Christmas Meal

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Victoria Beckham and her family will be dining at a rather low-budget gathering as part of their Christmas celebration. The former Spice Girl, along with hubby David Beckham and their children--Brooklyn, who is 15, Romeo, who is 12, Cruz, nine, and three-year-old Harper--were invited by David's older sister Lynne and her partner Kevin Briggs to a pay-your-own-way Christmas dinner.

It seems David Beckham's big sis and her man--who once spent time in prison for harassing a former girlfriend--have booked a table at Wetherspoons, The Half Moon in Stepney, East London, for a low-cost family Christmas dinner during the holiday season. The meal is so low-cost, in fact that is will only set David and Victoria Beckham back the equivalent of just over $12 U.S. per head.

Kevin Briggs reportedly sent a text message to David and Victoria Beckham, inviting them to the affair.

It read: "Spoons xmas meal in a few weeks. Let us know if you're in. We'll do a fiver [£5] max secret santa."

"Sorry, with inflation we're making it £6," he added a short time afterward.

David Beckham and his sister Lynne reportedly had a strained relationship for many years. Since her newborn son became ill a few months ago, however, the two seem to have mended at least some of their fences.

Victoria Beckham may still be known to the world as Posh Spice, but this certainly doesn't sound like a posh event that she will attend with her hubby and children in the next few weeks. Of course that's not what Christmas is all about, and perhaps this is proof that she and David Beckham are fully aware of the reason for the season.

Kimberly Ripley
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