Vicky Gunvalson Not Bothered By Brooks' Rumored Cheating

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Vicky Gunvalson has reacted to the news that her boyfriend, Brooks Ayers, may have cheated on her.

In short, it was an under-reaction.

"I was surprised to learn that a video of Brooks's meeting in Las Vegas a year ago has surfaced," Gunvalson, of Real Housewives of Orange County, said in a statement released to People.

"I was told that the story mentions Brooks dating other women," says Gunvalson. "Brooks can date anyone he wants to. I am not married to Brooks, nor engaged – nor are we living together."

Some women may have reacted differently.

The video in question was recorded by a business associate of Ayers' in secret. It is reported that the associate recorded the video to protect his own interests, so to speak.

“Did I mark on my calendar if we were off today or on today?” he says of his shaky relationship with Vicky Gunvalson. “I’ve been known to cheat…Bottom line, it hurt Vicki to know even if we weren’t together that I f*cked somebody else. That hurt her.”

He freely admitted to a “f*ck” with a prostitute named “Maya,” as well as a fling with a woman named “Jewels”.

He also said, “I didn’t mean to cross the line. I didn’t know. I thought it was appropriate.”

In conclusion, Brooks has about the same emotional attachment to Vicky Gunvalson as she seems to have to him.

“I’m on and off with Vicki,” he said. “I’m not living with her. I am not engaged to her. She’s still legally married. … Bottom line is, it’s a double standard in my opinion.”

Just gives you the warm fuzzies, doesn't it?

What do you think of Brooks' self-claimed freedom in his relationship with Vicky Gunvalson?

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