Vicki Gunvalson: Is She Single Or Taken?


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Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Ayers are a pretty well-known couple, but are they really a couple at all? While Vicki and Brooks have been together for a while now, they have still not confirmed their relationship status and Vicki has said on several occasions that she is willing to date other people.

“I am open to seeing other people…this is the best part about being single. I am open to seeing what else is in the world,” Vicki said to Andy Cohen in a recent clip from Bravo.

Vicki later changed her mind and said that she isn't looking for anyone else to date right now, but if someone were to come into her life and sweep her off her feet, she would be willing to give it a try.

That comment still doesn't make it seem like Vicki and Brooks are in a serious relationship or that they are happy together.

When Vicki talks about Brooks, it seems like she is talking about a business deal instead of a boyfriend or life partner.

Gunvalson recently bought a new home and said that Brooks is planning to move into it with her. When Cohen asked if she would ask Brooks to help out with the rent she said,

“Absolutely, and he would have a lease agreement, absolutely,” she said.

Brooks seemed fine with the idea and even had his own ideas about the lease agreement.

“Six months down the road, there’s a value on the house, and if I move in, stuff moving forward … three or four years down the road, she sells it … I’m not throwing away rent here,” he said.

Vicki didn't seem to be too happy about his opinions, but before the couple could argue, Heather DuBrow offered her advice on the situation, suggesting that Vicki create a lease agreement for any prospective deals.

“Oh hello, do you think I wouldn’t?” Gunvalson snapped back. “What do you think I do for a living? Finances!”

Do you think Vicki and Brooks are in a serious relationship or are they more like business partners?