Viacom Responds To Better YouTube Filtering

    October 16, 2007

The rift between Viacom and Google/YouTube could be resolved with Google’s release of its beta version of the YouTube Video Identification tool.

Viacom is hinting that its one billion dollar lawsuit against Google/ YouTube may not end up in the courtroom. Peter Kafka writes, "But if we’re understanding the hints that Viacom general counsel Mike Fricklas has been leaving, it appears as if Viacom is ready to step away from the courtroom and back to the negotiating table."

Fricklas said last month that he would rather not fight Google in court. Yesterday he commented on Google’s new filtering system, "We’re delighted that Google appears to be stepping up to its responsibility and ending the practice of profiting from infringement."

Jonathan Bailey thinks the Viacom suit against Google will never go to a jury." Most likely, as the case moves forward, the judge will offer rulings on some of the key aspects and may determine the validity of some of YouTube’s defenses before jury selection ever begins. If that’s the case, it would quickly become clear who has the upper hand and it seems unlikely that the side at the disadvantage would want to go to trial."