Veveo Opens vTap, Prepares For Flood Of Users

    September 10, 2007

Well, that was fast.  Just two weeks after raising $14 million in a round of financing, Veveo has released vTap, its mobile video search service.  The phrase “hotly anticipated” isn’t quite right, but people were indeed looking forward to the launch.

Om Malik is one such person, and in case you were inclined to forget this fact, Veveo quotes Malik in its official press release.  (Malik wrote, “The service is quite accurate and, in my opinion, impressive.”)  A quote from Robert Scoble is shared, as well.

On a related subject, Veveo wants everyone to realize that it’s stayed on top of the hottest technology trends by offering support for the iPhone.   Microsoft Windows Mobile phone users were also accommodated, and it looks like support for just about everything else imaginable is on the way.

In the meantime, a lucky few (million) will be able to access the intuitive engine at  By using a process that is both “character-based” and “incremental,” vTap delivers results as each letter of a query is entered.  Results are updated as you go, and only twice (in an admittedly short period of testing) did I have to make more than five keystrokes to arrive at what I was looking for.

“vTap’s comprehensive web video index, coupled with its intuitive search and browse discovery mechanisms, delivers a web video experience with the power and functionality of a traditional desktop application, on a mobile device,” stated Murali Aravamudan, co-founder and CEO of Veveo.