Vertical Search For The Farmland

    March 28, 2006
    WebProNews Staff focuses on an area most tech writers only know from seeing cornfields in the X-Files movie “Fight The Future”; it turns out the agriculture vertical needed a dedicated search service.

“You won’t believe what’s out there.” That’s not a line from Mulder or Scully, but AgWeb’s introduction to its agriculture search engine.

This isn’t the same as Google, the site noted in a list of frequently asked questions:

I don’t get the same results as on Google – why not?
While Google includes billions of pages — many of which are not relevant to agriculture or agri-business — AgWeb Search only includes information from the Internet which growers and producers will find useful.

The project offers self-service advertising for contextual and banner ads within AgWeb Search. They also have an affiliate program to place its search box on publisher sites.

AgWeb said on its site it is the first search engine designed and built for acriculture and agri-business. “From crop or livestock production to machinery and technology, we search for the information that best matches your needs.”

Searching for soybeans brings back results related to selecting a variety to plant, trading prices for soybean futures, and state and federal marketing on the first page.

Advertising delivered by Planet Discover appears atop the results in banner ads and sponsored text links; text ads also appear on the right of the search results.


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David Utter is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.