Vernier Extends Network Access Management

    October 10, 2005

Vernier announced today their extension of the EdgeWall product line by way of the EdgeWall Rx network. The new network extends network access management to remote users and strengthens its network security technology by adding support for VoIP phone and bolsters existing support for laptops, desktops and servers.

“Based on feedback from hundreds of our customers and our significant technology lead, Vernier has been able to take network access management a step further than the competition,” said Simon Khalaf, president and CEO of Vernier Networks. “Our innovative approach and strong market lead enable our customers to stop internal security threats and intrusions within the fabric of the network.”

This is an edge of network device designed to guard the proverbial door from various security problems like the standard worms, viruses and other critters. The new Rx will support IPSec VPNs and SSL VPNs and resides between the VPN concentrator and the network. It extends the security and controls physically located witching the organizations premises to remote users connect from home, remote offices or public hot spots.

“We have been working with Vernier on deploying EdgeWall to extend network access management to our remote users,” said Al Lopez, data network manager of Leap Wireless. “While several features influenced our decision, the deciding factor was EdgeWall’s ability to enforce the same network access policies regardless of where and how the connection was made. With Vernier, we can maintain the same policy for wired, wireless and remote users – without having to deploy agents on the desktop.”

VoIP Support

According to research firm Radicati Group, worldwide corporate phone lines using VoIP will jump to 74 percent by 2009. In a recent report, Radicati anticipated that there would be a growth spurt between 2006 and 2008, when many legacy PBXs are ready to be replaced.

To prevent security threats such as worms, viruses and other intrusions from unauthorized VoIP phones, Vernier’s EdgeWall appliances now authenticate VoIP phones and apply network access management measures to these phones. VoIP phones are also scanned for policy compliance and software vulnerabilities before they are allowed access to the network. The result is a more secure communications network, safe from downtime and disruptions due to a security breach.

In addition to over 3,500 vulnerability scans; EdgeWall can also conduct software policy compliance scans to devices connecting to the network. This enables network administrators to define the minimum set of software compliance, such as OS version and patches, up-to-date virus protection and personal firewall configuration, before allowing devices on the network. As the industry’s only completely clientless solution, administrators can enjoy this level of control without deploying agents on the desktop.

John Stith is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.