Verizon SuperPages Allows Advertisers Self-Service

    May 11, 2004

Advertisers who have accounts with Verizon’s SuperPages can now manage their campaigns themselves. Though self-service with Verizon costs $10 a month, companies that advertise through SuperPages will now be allowed to manage their ads and the logistics associated with self-service.

As reported in, Verizon Internet Yellow pages advertisers will be allowed to enter a “business listing; create and manage a paid-listings campaign; and receive ad-management reports.” Previously, ad managers had to go through a service rep if they needed make any amendments to their ads or the information that goes with them.

“There are some early adopters who are comfortable with self-service,” Verizon spokeswoman Dana Benton Russell said. “They will appreciate and use the self-service option. There’s a large group that’s not as comfortable with it yet, so the service center is an option for them.”

Verizon offers their ad service through a partnership with FindWhat provides the hardware for SuperPages program. Google and Yahoo have allowed/forced customers to manage their accounts online since the beginning of their ad services.

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