Vegas Bird Death May Bar Young Man From Practicing Law

    May 12, 2014
    Zach Walton
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A bird death in Las Vegas back in 2012 had a lot of people up in arms over animal cruelty. Now the main individual responsible has finally been sentenced.

Justin Alexander Teixeira, a 25-year-old Berkeley law student, was sentenced to up to four years of probation and community service at an animal shelter for killing an exotic helmeted guineafowl in 2012. According to the report, Teixeira and two others were chasing the guineafowl in a wildlife area of Las Vegas when he grabbed the bird and tore its head off. It was said that he intoxicated at the time.

At his sentencing, Teixeira was reportedly sorry for what he had done. He referred to the incident as the “worst moment of [his] life” and that “if there was anything [he] could do to undo it, [he] would.” Despite his remorse, the judge wasn’t going to let him reduce his sentence even further that it already had been. He pleaded guilty to one felony charge of killing another person’s animal in May 2013 to avoid jail time. He also completed a 190-day prison boot camp sentence. While he has avoided the jail time, the judge said that he will have to do community service at an animal shelter for the duration of his probation.

While Teixeira got off relatively easy, his future may still be in jeopardy. While he was at the prison boot camp, he had also passed the California bar exam. To be a lawyer in the state, one must only have a misdemeanor on their record. With a felony, it would be impossible to practice law. If he complete his probation without any problems, he could ask for his felony to be reduced to a misdemeanor. Doing so would allow him to practice law, but it remains to be seen if the judge will be so lenient.

As for the other two men who were with Teixeira on the night of the bird’s death, they both pleaded guilty last year to misdemeanor charges. They were fined and had to complete some community service.

[h/t: Reuters] Image via Fox 5 KVVU-TV

  • 71177

    If past behavior is anything like future behavior then he needs to be examined very closely before being allowed to practice law. That crime he committed was too obviously wrong to have been just an accidental prank. I personally think he needs to be told to seek another profession. Even though he is intelligent, you don’t have to be a shrink to tell that something is definitely wrong with him, drunk or not drunk.

  • Philip Scharfy

    If Slick Kinton can still practice law after perjury ad suborning perjury, why can’t this guy?

  • Michele Greene

    I wish I couldwring HIS neck and then behead HIM, the sorry POS. Hope he never, ever gets to practice law or anything else, ever; this is one sick individual.

    • motomo31

      I thing being draw and quartered would be better!
      buck finster – You are an dick-headed, heartless, jack-ass!!! Look up serial killer and see what they start with,

  • MJo

    Tons – and i do mean Tons & Tons – of community service First!!

  • anger

    What a fuckass

    • buck finster

      You’re another dimwitted low information liberal that values a damn bird above a man’s life.

      • why the rage bruh

        ted bundy, jeffrey dahmer and many other serial killers start with animal abuse. This wasn’t just hunting some chickens to eat, this dude ripped the head off of an animal. I’m sure if it was your pet, perhaps your cat/dog/whatever, that he beheaded with his own hands you’d have a different viewpoint. Not sure what liberals have to do with this, no one is saying this man should die, which is more right winged to say anyway, but he should be mentally evaluated before he starts practicing law.

      • motomo31

        Another no nothing Conservative!! You people are the ones that watch Fox News as if they were real news!

  • Lisa Fernandez

    That is where most mentally disturbed people start….with helpless animals. This guy obviously has mental issues and if he is allowed to practice law, they should plaster his name in the newspapers in that town to discourage people from doing any type of business with him whether it is law or whatever he is involved in. I hope this follows him for the rest of his life. He is a scumbag!

    • myblusky

      Completely agree. He has anti-social personality traits. Unfortunately he will still be walking around in society because we have no good solution as to what to do with people like this. There is no cure or medication for them and we are stuck with him.

  • http://1389blog.com/ 1389AD

    Do we give Obama a pass for being a dog eater (as he admitted in his autobiography)?

    • buck finster

      Of course, eating dog and snake! Remember that Obama expressed that Lolo believed that people take on the attributes of the animals that they eat. What does that say about Obama, and his adulteress mother?

  • http://www.examplesofglobalization.com/ Gary Anderson

    Between this guy and the Flamingo killer these people should stay away from my town. I am sick of them.

  • LarryWolek

    It has been proven that serial killers start off by killing animals and this freak tore the bird’s head off!! He should be dis-barred and face prison time!!

    • Steven Seagull

      That’s a hot bird in your photo.

      • LarryWolek

        Love your moniker!! The bird in my photo is my beautiful Cockatiel Chase.

  • pumi

    Big deal for killing a bird. Maybe we should punish all the people who live in the jungle and survive on bird hunting.

    • myblusky

      The bird belonged to someone dimwit. It was a pet and it was valued and loved. Then top that off with the fact that this is an anti social behavior that indicates he is a dangerous person.
      Not that explaining things to you will help because obviously it’s beyond your understanding.

  • Steven Seagull

    What a sick bastard. Birds are cool.

  • Bucks Mom

    shut up buck… mr liberal this and that. Dude is a sicko, and your just an ass

  • laura

    Wow, using a computer much to push out an article??? Either that, or there is no editor.

  • Tyler Proctor

    What about all the birds killed by those wind power machines? Thousands of protected species.

  • motomo31

    buck finster – You are a f(u)cking dimwit! This man was studying to be a lawyer don’t you think drunk or not he should have known what he was doing was against the law? A serial killer in the making. Is he your apprentice?

    • Kellye Williams

      You truly are a foul human being! Always calling names! Don’t you have some sort of a life?

  • Silence

    Buck there is a difference between saying youll do something (on a website) and actually doing it. This man actually killed a living creature and usually this has something to do with mental issues. So yeah this guy was let off easy. No he shouldnt be killed (Michele you went a little too far) but he should be mentally evaluated. This could lead to something more serious. Plus if that was my bird, dog, cat, etc he hurt … I would have really tore him a new one. Thats the truth. Who wouldnt if he hurt your pet?

  • Deby Duz

    Really he kills animals and you are going to sentence him to help animals? Maybe he should pick up garbage.

  • Linda Johnson Emory

    It’s about time judges got serious about animal cruelty. Michael Vick should never have been able to return to the NFL, and this guy shouldn’t be allowed to practice law. The crimes these two committed show a problem with your soul, and no amount of community service or boot camp can correct that.

  • URKiddinMee

    Berkeley, huh? More living proof thtat liberals are both mentally unbalnced AND violent!

  • Steve R

    The bird was intoxicated, I mean, seriously, what did you expect?