Vanilla Ice Helps Couple's Baby Announcement Rock a Mic Like a Vandal

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Vanilla Ice only really had one hit. Sure, there was a followup to his To the Extreme album, which contained “Ice Ice Baby”. But that was Extremely Live, which was panned like mad for being a live album of his only studio album, and containing lots of drum only bits where the onstage act must have been dancing.

There was more, but Ice, whose real name is Rob Van Winkle, had pretty much seen his high point. His story is far more interesting than his music, including the rumor that he was threatened with being thrown off a balcony by Suge Knight unless he signed over publishing rights to “Ice Ice Baby”. Legend has it that Suge used that money to launch Death Row Records.

Van Winkle dated Madonna. He worked in home renovation for a while. Then he was on some reality TV shows. On one of those he was in a boxing match with Todd Bridges.

There were drugs, tattoos, dreadlocks, and a lot of activity with little notice. Rob Van Winkle will always be the guy who did “Ice Ice Baby”. And Rob Van Winkle has grown to embrace that.

Nowadays, Van Winkle helms a TV show called The Vanilla Ice Project on the DIY Network. The show follows him as he buys, renovates and sells homes.

Recently a couple in Wellington, Florida found out they were pregnant. Emily and Jason Teck love “Ice Ice Baby”, so they took a chance on an idea for a cute baby announcement.

Lots of couples have been coming up with creative ways to announce pregnancies on social media.

The Tecks went for it.

"It was a long shot and it was in the 'didn't hurt to ask’ category," Emily Teck said.

They emailed Van Winkle’s manager, and floated their idea. Van Winkle said Yes.

In the picture that they sent to friends, the couple are standing with Van Winkle. Jason is holding a cup of ice, Van Winkle is in the middle pointing to himself, and Emily is holding a picture of the ultra sound.

Ice. Ice. Baby.

"We are starting them off from the beginning. We are bringing more Ice Ice Babies into the world," Van Winkle said.

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