Vanessa Lachey Tweets about Son's 1st Birthday

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Vanessa and husband, Nick Lachey, welcomed a beautiful baby boy into the world on September 12, 2012, Camden Lachey. This past weekend they celebrated the first year of his life in the best way possible: attending a Cincinnati Reds game.

All three wore matching outfits, blue jeans and matching jerseys. Vanessa says that Camden loves the water and probably would have enjoyed a pool party, but she said that he has his whole life for pool parties and that this celebration was for the parents.

“Camden loves to dance, he loves music,” Lachey said. “He loves the water -- the pool, swimming, the beach -- to the point that when we give him water and try to sign ‘Drink, drink,’ he literally puts his face in the cup and starts [acting] like he wants to go swimming. But I won’t do a pool party for his first birthday, because I feel like we have the rest of his life to do pool parties. He’s 1. This one’s for Mom and Dad.”

Venessa kept all the fans and family updated via Twitter on all the excitement of the birthday celebration.

Vanessa adds that her one year old has already developed a personality of his own and adores his daddy.

"I think Cam just loves anything that Nick does -- he's such a little Daddy's boy, it's adorable," she says. "Overall, we're just constantly talking to him and singing to him … anything to interact with the little munchkin."

Vanessa wasn't the only one that took to Twitter about Camden's first birthday. Nick also tweeted calling Camden "the most amazing little boy".

Image via Twitter