Vanessa Lachey Talks Bonding With Baby


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Vanessa Lachey has been open about her struggles with postpartum depression and has opened up about her experience with motherhood and bonding with her son Camden.

Lachey said that one of the things she had a hard time with was breastfeeding and offered some advice to other new mothers.

“Remember to be patient. It’s hard! As a baby, Camden would take about an hour to breastfeed. By the time he finished, it was almost time to feed again,” she said in an interview with American Baby magazine.

“A friend reminded me that infants are learning everything for the first time,” she added. “So who am I to say, ‘Hurry up and eat. We have to go?’ I tried to look at that time as an opportunity to love on him.”

She also said that while she was pregnant, she was scared that she wouldn’t be able to handle motherhood, but that once the baby arrived, her instincts kicked in and she felt more prepared and confident in her parenting abilities.

"Worrying is a waste of time. Once Camden was born, certain fears calmed down,” she said. “I no longer thought, ‘Will I be able to do this?’ My instincts really did kick in.”

She added, “We stumble and make mistakes, too, but that’s what learning is. That’s the beauty of it. Every mother out there knows what she’s doing, whether she believes it yet or not.”

Lachey is currently pregnant with her second child. This time she is having a girl. Hopefully she can follow her own advice and try not to worry during her pregnancy.

The second time around should be a breeze for Lachey and she can always lean on her husband Nick Lachey for help if or when she feels overwhelmed.