Vanessa Lachey Didn't Immediately Bond With Her Baby Bump


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Vanessa Lachey is pregnant with her second child, a girl, and recently spoke to American Baby magazine for the December/January 2015 issue, giving advice and sharing her personal stories for other moms-to-be.

One topic that Vanessa was very candid about was the fact that she had a hard time bonding with her first pregnancy with her son, two-year-old Camden John.

“While pregnant with my son, Camden, I felt guilty because everyone told me about this love I'd feel, and I wasn't there yet,” she explained.

“I remember asking [husband] Nick [Lachey], ‘Is something wrong with me? I've wanted this my whole life, and I'm forcing myself to have those feelings.’ For me, the love really flowed when I found out the baby was a boy," she added. "That's when I could finally bond, once I knew ‘it’ was a him.”

Vanessa also admitted that she struggled with the baby blues after Camden was born. She said she had to learn to adjust to the baby's schedule and settle in to motherhood.

“Remember to be patient. It’s hard! As a baby, Camden would take about an hour to breastfeed. By the time he finished, it was almost time to feed again,” she said. “A friend reminded me that infants are learning everything for the first time. So who am I to say, ‘Hurry up and eat. We have to go?’ I tried to look at that time as an opportunity to love on him.”