Vanessa Hudgens New Film Set for Heartland Film Festival Premiere


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Like many child stars, actress Vanessa Hudgens is widely known for her teenage roles of innocence, but now she aims to break the mold, venturing into the drama sector of the film industry. While Hudgens took an unexpected path in shedding her PG-13 image, amid an X-rated photo scandal, she's managed to overcome the shade, moving forward to new heights in her career. Her upcoming starring role proves that the transition is definitely in full effect.

In a brief press release on Thursday, theatrical film and movie distribution company, Roadblock Attractions announced its acquisition of U.S. Distribution rights to the motion picture drama, “Gimme Shelter.” The Richard Krauss' film stars Hudgens, along with veteran actor Brendan Fraser, and “Rent” star, Rosario Dawson.

Based on a true story, “Gimme Shelter,” centers around the compelling story of a 16-year-old pregnant teenage runaway, Apple, portrayed by Hudgens. With a drug addicted mother lost in the throes of prostitution and an absent father, Apple has been dealt very difficult cards in life. She has no desire to follow in her mother's footsteps, as she aspires to achieve more out of life. Fed up with the current state of her grim lifestyle, Apple runs away in search of the father she never knew.

Now a prominent stock broker, her father takes her in. However, within days of her arrival, she learns of her pregnancy. She subsequently runs away from him upon her decision to keep the child. The drama brings to life the struggles of the teenage mother-to-be, as she finds shelter and solace in a suburban shelter.

The LA Times reported that “Gimme Shelter” is set to premiere at Indiana's Heartland Film Festival which is scheduled for October 17-26. The film is slated for stateside release Jan. 24.


Image via Wikimedia Commons