Vanessa Hudgens Goes Au Naturel in Latest Photoshoot


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Since the advent of Instagram, photo filters have become all the new rage, with anyone and everyone being able to look prettier by simply adding a few digital effects to a photo. And, as with every trend in today's day and age, the intense proliferation of such a fad has resulted in a sizable backlash of those who oppose the use of photo-shopping techniques to achieve a higher sense of beauty. Many "real" campaigns have made waves recently, with even clothing companies jumping on board to pull in potential buyers. Recently, Aerie revealed its newest marketing strategy - #aeriereal - in which they feature magazine models who have not had their pictures altered in any way.

Now, the "real" campaign has grown even bigger as celebrities have started to join the game. Vanessa Hudgens, of High School Musical fame, was recently featured in Bongo's 2014 Fall ad campaign. While modeling is nothing new for the 25-year-old star, modeling without the aid of touch-ups is certainly a new project.

Bongo, which is a clothing line for juniors featured at K-Mart, recently featured Hudgens in its own "real" campaign. The aim of the ad is to show young girls that beauty can be found in anyone, regardless of shape or size: "In the age of Instagram filters and Photoshop apps, it is more important than ever that Bongo remains committed to inspiring girls to feel comfortable in their own skin, and we are excited to be partnering with Vanessa to send that message with this campaign," stated chief marketing officer Dari Marder.

Bongo was not the only party happy to be part of such a beneficial project. Hudgens, herself, glowed about the prospect of being attached to such a cause, stating:

I absolutely love that Bongo wanted to do something different by not retouching my photos for their campaign. I think it is important for girls to be true to who they are, and not compare themselves to girls who have been photoshopped to look “perfect.” God made us all unique for a reason and we should embrace our true self.

The spread marks Hudgens's second season as the main model for Bongo. In January, Hudgens replaced Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson as the clothing line's celebrity model. Other famous celebrities who have been the face of Bongo include Nicole Richie, Rachel Bilson, Anna Sophia Robb, and Lucy Hale.

Hudgens's shoot will appear on newsstands in select fashion magazines starting in August.

Image via YouTube