Valleywag Debuts From Gawker Media

    February 2, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

After Nick Denton enticed Nick Douglas away from Blogebrity, it was learned that Douglas would be the scribe behind the then-unnamed Silicon Valley outpost of Denton’s Gawker empire.

The newest fiefdom is called Valleywag (get it, sound like scalawag) and it specializes in the usual Gawker Media fare: gossip focused on a geographic and industry niche. Gawker covers media in Manhattan, Defamer gossips about celebrities and Hollywood, Wonkette winks at politicians in DC, and so on.

If nothing else, the WebProNews writing room is most grateful for the opportunity to write about something that doesn’t involve Google’s stock performance or Google’s China operations. At least, we were. Then we saw two of the four current top stories at Valleywag were about Google’s Marissa Mayer and Google’s Sergey Brin.

Sigh. Maybe there’s something new on Blogger Buzz. Ok, there isn’t. But there are a few comments about Valleywag from its neighbors in the blogosphere already.

Paul Kedrosky weighed in with a hat tip to the new arrival for its “hatchet job” on the cult of Steve Jobs.

Douglas’ former online home at Blogebrity complimented Valleywag for implementing a different visual layout than its established Gawker brothers and sisters.

As people begin tossing tips at Valleywag, the content should become more interesting. Right now, the top story notes how PayPal’s service seems to be suffering from the after-effects of a recent system update. We’re wondering if it could have something to do with eBay’s other subsidiary, Skype. Stay tuned for more.

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David Utter is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.