Valeria Lukyanova, “Real Life Barbie”, Is An E.T.

    July 29, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Valeria Lukyanova is known as “Odessa Barbie” and is an internet sensation all over the world after photos and videos of her went viral. The 21-year old model has Barbie-like proportions–including a tiny waist and perfect facial features–and has several YouTube videos dedicated to her makeup routine, which includes tricks to make her eyes look enormous and doll-like. Now, a new video posted on Vice.com claims that Lukyanova–who is from Ukraine–is a “a time-traveling spiritual guru whose purpose is to save the world from the clutches of superficiality and negative energy”.

So far, no one has been able to make heads or tails of this, but Lukyanova has said in the past that she’s into “astroplaning“. The video is a trailer for a new documentary; check it out below.

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    I would like to meet this person just to find out the truth about her. In some pictures I have seen, she looks absolutely gorgeous. In others, she looks pretty weird. In the end, we know she is crazy and I hardly believe she is an ET or demi-god. I just wonder what the difference is between pictures and real life.