Using the Data that Site Search Uncovers

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I recently posted about ways to get more conversions out of Google Site Search. This was based on tips that Google itself offered for capitalizing on its potential. These tips were:

1. Make your search box easy to find
2. Make sure search is always available
3. Customize the appearance of search to fit your site
4. Experiment
5. Be open to feedback
6. Learn what users are looking for
7. Let visitors know who’s got your back

Google has now gone another step further in trying to help users get the most out of their site search efforts, and that involves tracking your internal site search on the analytics tip.

Google has thrown together the following "Google Analytics in 60 Seconds" video (although the video actually clocks in at 1:49) that shows you how to get the most out of your site search data by using Google Analytics:

Google also gives you five questions to ask of your site search data (each of which are elaborated on here):

1. How frequently do visitors use my search box and what are they looking for?
2. Where do searches begin and end?
3. Are visitors satisfied with what they find?
4. How do different groups of visitors search my site?
5. What business outcomes result from visitors searching my site?

Site search in general is important to he usability of your site. This is especially true if you are selling good. The easier it is for people to find the information/products they are looking for, the more likely they will be to convert. By analyzing the data that comes from user’s search habits at your site, you can make the necessary adjustments for improvement and put yourself on the path to more sales.

Using the Data that Site Search Uncovers
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      This is a great Google tip. The use of a good private search engine is terrific for any site

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