Using Social Media For Political Campaigns


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There are a whole host of strategies that go into managing a major presidential campaign, from using social media to spread a message to developing analytics.

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Dan Siroker, former Deputy New Media Director, Obama Presidential Transition and Founder of CarrotSticks spoke about his work on the campaign.


Siroker was the head of the Obama analytics team during the campaign. He shares some social media stats about the candidates.

Facebook friends: Obama 2.4 million, McCain 600,000

YouTube: Obama 90 million, McCain 20 million

Unique visitors: 50 million for Obama and 30 million for McCain

When it came to money McCain raised $201 million and Obama raised $656 million. Obama raised over $500 million online and $156 million offline.

Lesson 1: Define quantifiable success

Success can be broken down by looking at CPC, website sign up rate, email sign up, and money raised per recipient.

Lesson 2:Question assumptions

 He tried different variations on buttons and media (sign up vs. join us now; media, family picture, change video, other images and videos). Siroker said they did various tests with Google Website Optimizer and utilized the data.

Lesson 3:Divide and conquer

He talks about the different donation buttons they experimented with such as Donate Now, Please Donate, Why Donate and Donate and Get a gift.

Lesson 4:Take advantage of circumstances

As an example Siroker shows a clip of Sarah Palin being critical of Obama’s community organizer position. The campaign used the clip in an email to supporters and raised $10 million.

Lesson 5:Turn customers into evangelists

Siroker says you can use all this as a business model.  Supporters of the campaign were connected and easy to share. He calls it social affiliate marketing.


WebProNews Reporter/Anchor Abby Johnson contributed to this report.

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Using Social Media For Political Campaigns
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    Check it out – http://anewright.blogspot.com/2009/12/google-wave-will-it-change-way.html

  • http://bruce-roberson.blogspot.com Bruce Roberson

    Three year “circuit” ads or advertisements, advertisers and sample ratings. Continued rise in both even and odd year-to-year compartision and local spot, to national?


    Leveling, odd years in operation or non-election year to even. Projected revenues and a bigger “share” of a station’s base? Market media intelligence and twelve year percent declines?

    Analysis? The “bigger” or “populated” markets are disproportionately, a top market of dominance and television scene or space? First twenty-five and the additional viewers, with an average score for a new station?

    “Radio and Televison”, new gathering or curated marketability of hours broadcast? Network affiliations? Spread? America’s interest and demand of desk? Audience measurement and systems in effort to size the compositions. “Circuit” programming and ratings within the country?

  • http://www.exclusivemedianews.com Exclusive Media News

    Depending on the approach you can gear towards diffrent areas and address diffrent people with social media and of course if your likable then you will gain huge results.

  • http://bruce-roberson.blogspot.com Bruce Roberson

    $174,463.00 (salary, quotes, accured interest, low-income, housing)


    -$59,851.00 (expenses in South Florida) Start-up

    $330,000.00 (Bid/Ask/Coverage/Insurance)

    -Technology and Society
    -Remittance or mistakes made to answer some tough questions?
    -“Creating an aire?”
    -Establishing a system of checks, compensations, balance, rates and consultations?
    -A tool that was available.
    -How to draw from a flow?
    -Fundamentals rule of community, trust!

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