Using Flash MX to Create e-Learning

    October 7, 2004

Rapid Intake Press, a publisher focusing exclusively on titles for the e-learning industry, released another book in it’s e-Learning Developer’s Series.

Using Flash MX to create e-Learning is a comprehensive treatment on creating interactive courseware using Macromedia’s popular web development tool Flash MX 2004.

Authors Sharon Castillo, Steven Hancock, and Garin Hess are e-learning developers and instructional designers. Hancock and Hess have both published previous titles for Rapid Intake Press.

“The thing that makes our books unique, and this book unique, is that we write from experience,” says Steven Hancock. “We work with these tools on a daily basis, so we are distilling lessons we’ve learned down in the trenches.”

Rapid Intake Press, a division of Rapid Intake, has published three previous titles focusing on Dreamweaver and its e-learning extensions CourseBuilder and Learning Site. This is their first book focusing on Flash.

“Since we are e-learning developers ourselves, we noticed there was a large hole in what was available for e-learning technologists, like ourselves, when it comes to Flash,” says Garin Hess. “There are some books that lightly touch on it, but we couldn’t find a comprehensive treatment of it for our industry. So the way we write books is by writing what we wish we could find out there. This book is really the only book that we know of that focuses exclusively on Flash and e-learning development.”

All Rapid Intake Press titles are constructed as self-paced tutorials. The student works through basic and more advanced exercises, using the supporting files and templates supplied on the accompanying CD-ROM.

“One of the reasons I wanted to get involved in this project,” says Sharon Castillo, ” is that I had read previous books written by Garin and Steven and I was impressed by their straightforward, practical approach, which included solid instructional design-not just focusing on technology.”

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