Using Analytics to Find Hidden Nuggets

    January 18, 2007

We rely heavily on Analytics at Enquiro and one of my favorite tasks is to dig into a client’s analytics in order to find “nuggets” which will help the client succeed in their online marketing efforts.

We use Omniture’s SiteCatalyst quite frequently and here is some of the data that I find useful:

– By using the referring domains report I like to figure out how much traffic is coming from Search Engines and if it is less than 30-40% I make a point to note down this area of opportunity by suggesting Organic SEM strategies (fresh keyword rich content, link building/baiting, directory submissions, etc…).

– Furthermore I like to see the spread of traffic from Google, Yahoo, MSN and ASK and how it compares to current market shares. If Yahoo and MSN are lower than normal we can explore focused strategies for those engines. As an example, Yahoo gives higher values to sites who have incoming links from .edu or .org sites.

– Next I like to get an understanding of how much branded keyword traffic the site is receiving. If the top 5 or 10 keywords are branded then the client should capitalize on some keyword rich content to help drive more non branded traffic.

If the client is McDonalds and the current referring keywords consist of: McDonalds, McDonalds Restaurants, McDonalds Burgers, we would also like to see more traffic from phrases such as: Chicken Burgers, French Fries, Fast Food Restaurants, and Fun Food for Kids.

– The popular pages report is another useful report, in this case I like to sort the report in ascending order of page views to help identify dead content on the site as well as the least popular pages. If there are pages that I feel should be getting more traffic I use SiteCatalyst’s pathfinder report to identify barriers that might be troubling visitors to arrive at the given page.

– When I consult on an implementation I make sure we track internal search terms because they are vital in understanding what visitors are looking for on a site. Internal search terms can also help identify the content that a website should be offering in order to engage them (hopefully complete one of the site’s conversions).

– I also think that for sites who have sections that require log-in information they should be collecting user ids or user names.

This will show organizations who there most active visitors are, which allows the organization to approach these users in order to get their opinion on the site’s content/functionality.

Not only does this make your organization appear more personable to its clients it also helps improve your site by getting advice from your most frequent visitors and biggest critics.

There are lots more I can think of and if you’re really interested send me an email and I’d be happy to discuss it with you.


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